Why Your PS4 Controllers Light Is Red? And How To Fix It? 2023

Are you concerned about why your PS4 controllers light is red and how to fix it? A red light often warns that something isn’t quite right.

When your system begins to display a red color regarding technology, you know something isn’t right. The red light on the PS4 controller is a very common issue, and PS4 console gamers are constantly looking for solutions.

The red light bar isn’t always an indicator of a malfunctioning controller, although it can be in rare circumstances.

If your controller works great but has a red light on it, there’s normally nothing to be concerned about; if it’s stuck on a red light and won’t connect to your PS4, you can try some of the ways listed below.

Restarting the PlayStation 4 system, replacing the controller ribbon Flex cable, and restarting the DualShock controller are all options for resolving the PS4 controller red light problem.

Why your PS4 controllers light is red?

If the red light on your PS4 controller has become red, it means either the controller’s hardware is damaged or the controller’s function is okay, but the red light is due to a malfunctioning USB port charger.

What are the Reasons?

If you’re wondering why your PS4 controller is red, here’s a listing of the most common reasons for the problem.

  • Faulty USB charger
  • Damaged Ribbon Flex Cable
  • The DS4 Controller’s hardware has been damaged
  • The cable connection is loose
  • A USB port that isn’t working
  • The charging battery’s life has come to an end
  • Only some games may cause the LED to flash. As a result, this should not be a source of concern.
  • It may also imply determining which controller belongs to player 2.

How to fix the red light on the PS4 controller?

There are various ways to fix a PS4 controller that continues flashing the red light on and off or is stuck on the red light that appears to be causing you problems. One of these will help you fix your problem.

Keep an Eye on the Console’s USB Port (why your PS4 controller light is red?

The most common reason for the PS4 Controller’s red light is a broken or corrupted USB port. When the USB port is not charged, it stops operating, and the bar controller displays a red light.

As a result, it is recommended that you clean and charge your battery before connecting the USB connection. If the problem persists, try connecting or inserting the cable into a different USB port.

If the problem or issue persists despite the remedy mentioned above, or if you cannot resolve the issue, go to the steps listed below.

Install New DS4 Cable:

As previously said, the PS4 controller red light might be caused by a malfunctioning USB port or cables, so start by changing your DS4 controller cord with a new one or any other Android-compatible cable you have on hand.

Connect the USB cable to your PS4 Controller now that you have it. Keep an eye on the light; if it turns blue or orange, the wires are defective.

Restart your PlayStation 4:

In this solution, we recommend restarting your PlayStation 4 console; many customers have found that restarting the console solves their PS4 controller’s red light and won’t turn off the issue.

To restart your PlayStation 4 console, follow the steps below:

  • Simply press the Power Button for a few seconds to get started.
  • Remove the PS4 Console’s Cable at this point.
  • Reconnect the Power Cable to the Console after some time has passed.
  • To turn on the PS4 console, press the power button.
  • Now, it’s likely that your problem has been fixed, but if it still isn’t, move on to the next method given below.

Reset your PS4 controller:

The flashing red light and disconnecting from the PC might be due to malfunctioning firmware on your PS4 controller.

You can solve the problem by resetting your controller. The instructions below will assist you in resetting the controller:

  • To begin, flip your controller over and look for the reset button.
  • Push the button inside the hole using a tiny tool.
  • Connect your controller to the PS4 after holding the button for 5 seconds and see whether it begins working properly.

Start your PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode?

Safe mode can aid in the resolution of software problems. If your USB ports are broken, though, this won’t help much. This is how you do it.

  • Turn off your PlayStation 4.
  • For around 10 seconds, press and hold the power button. Two beeps will be heard.
  • Using a USB wire, connect your DualShock4 controller to your console.
  • To restart the controller, press the PS button.

Replace the Ribbon Cable and other Hardware:

If the problem persists after you’ve tried the following methods, you may need to replace the Ribbon Cable or other hardware. There are two approaches to remedy the ribbon cable problem.

  • Cleaning the cable with alcohol can help in certain cases.
  • If cleaning fails, consider replacing the cable with a new one.

How to Change the Color of PS4 Controllers:

When playing games like Grand Theft Auto IV, RockStar makes the Dualshock 4 glow red and blue anytime the player is followed by cops! Isn’t it cool?

Developers will draw inspiration from RockStar’s usage of the light bar in creating unique design choices for the Dualshock 5.

Alter the user to change the color of the PS4 controller since various PS4 profiles correlate to different colors. The first player is blue, the second is red, the third is green, and the fourth is yellow. 

To change the color, sign it to another user without signing out. To Customize the PS4 Controllers’ Colors, follow these steps:

  • Create four separate profiles on your PlayStation 4.
  • Without logging out, log in as one user and then switch to another.
  • Continue signing in and switching between usernames until you discover a color that appeals to you.


This article has assisted you in resolving why your PS4 Controller’s Light Is Red? And How to Fix It? If the controller still flashes the red light after changing the ribbon cable and following.

For all of the troubleshooting procedures, it’s time to get a new PS4 controller since the one flashing the red light is irreparably damaged.

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