What Is Sublimation Printing And How Does It Work? 2023

If you are looking for what is sublimation printing and how does it work? Then this article will tell you all the essential information that will be an appropriate answer to your question. 

Sublimation printing is a type of printing that transfers designs on fabric from sublimation paper by applying heat and pressure. The heat pressure required for sublimation printing is 300 to 400 degrees. Sublimation printing is a very useful and cost-efficient way of imprinting designs of your choice.

So, it is a favorite printing system for companies and people working at home. Sublimation printing is the best option when a single image or pattern covers the whole print due to its easygoing nature.

The sublimation printing is perfect for 100% polyester or fabric having some percentage of polyester. With the advent of this printing technique, the game of garment printing was changed to a great extent.  

The process of sublimation printing: 

The sublimation process is more than easy to apply and is lasting. It is not like normal printing that becomes dim with time. The ink is not lying on the fabric; it is fully pressed into the cloth to provide you with amazing prints that stay longer.

Now, you must be curious to know how sublimation printing works. For sublimation printing, we use ink and heat to create the design on fabric. The ink goes so deep into the fabric that the design remains permanent on the cloth forever. The reason for its permanent nature is the high quality of the ink.

A special paper is required for printing designs of your choice on it as a first step. Apply ink for printing design on the paper; then, the applied heat turns the ink into gas. The design prints on the cloth within no time.

Sublimation printing is lasting due to the way it prints the designs. The heat applied to the fabric widens its pores, and the ink goes deep into the cloth. The pressure we apply to the fabric and design makes the ink cool. The ink on cooling permanently imprints the design and satisfies the users greatly. 

Printing on various products:

Sublimation printing is suitable for products ranging from home decor to other areas of life. You can use this procedure for making various designs for sports uniforms. Nothing could be a better option than sublimation printing for fashion apparel.

So, you can do much more with this simple and easy-to-use printing process. It is a durable, versatile, and effective way to precisely print novel designs.

Particular ink for sublimation:

For transferring designs from paper to fabric, ink is the main element that plays a major role. The ink changes from solid form to gas immediately when pressurized. Thus, when the process depends on the ink, then its quality also matters a lot.

For getting better results, use high-quality ink called disperse dyes. This ink is considered more appropriate due to its high efficiency. The dispersed dyes bond rapidly and firmly with the cloth. You can wash the fabrics without any tension or damage to the prints due to the durable nature of this ink.

The colors look more vivid and lively. The top sublimation printer manufacturing brands use fluorescent inks that take the color gamut to another level.

Sublimation printing was much more expensive then. Most people couldn’t afford it despite having a great desire to use it to bring innovation to their businesses.

Now, it’s not the case; it is not that pricey. The market is providing more opportunities with time, reducing costs. This printing procedure is also developing, bypassing time to ensure phenomenal printing is possible.

Things to care for in sublimation printing:

To get the perfect results from sublimation printing, it is important to keep some points in mind.

It’s essential to keep the transfer paper properly and from being folded when printing; otherwise, the whole effort can ruin. As a result, there would be white creases on the printing cloth, and you’ll not get the desired design. So, be cautious when using sublimation printing. 

When you want to add some feel and texture to your designs, that’s different from the sort of printing you’re looking for. Sublimation printing can replicate the prints, not bring more life to them. 

Advantages of sublimation printing:

  • The most notable benefit of sublimation printing is that it never damages the garments. 
  • The prints are too light that they don’t overburden the cloth. 
  • You’ll never experience any peeling or distortion of prints. The designs made by sublimation printing are durable and last for years to come.
  • It doesn’t give the feel of print rather it gives a smooth and soft feel to the fabric.
  • Sublimation printing is renowned for providing complex designs efficiently.
  • It prints designs in more vibrant and bright colors. The prints look cool and lively even after many washes.
  • It is perfect for small-batch designs and those comprising fine details.  

Disadvantages of sublimation printing:

  • It limits the choice of fabric. The choice becomes restricted because it is perfect for polyester only. You can also use other materials like cotton but don’t expect that the print will last longer years. 
  • Another disadvantage of this printing process is white creasing. If the design is unable to access a certain area of the fabric, it will remain white. This can also happen if the transfer paper folds by mistake or receives a small amount of water.  


When it comes to a printing procedure that can be lasting, durable, and more lively, then only sublimation printing wins the game.

If you are going to start a business in fabric printing, it would be a good decision to use sublimation printing as a means of pasting different designs and logos.

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