What Is com.wssyncmldm? And How To Disable It? 2023

If you recently found an application com.wssyncmldm and are trying to know what it is, then hold on. You’re at the right place, there is nothing to worry about that matters. In this article, we’ll tell you, what is com.wssyncmldm? and how to disable it? Along with that, we will address all the aspects associated with this application. 

The com.wssyncmldm can be seen in Samsung devices. You can find the application in Google Activity or among the active system apps of your phone.

Android devices contain lots of apps that are working in the background for making these devices work efficiently.

Com.wssyncmldm is an app that you may have never used before because it runs on its own and doesn’t need any interaction.   

What Is com.wssyncmldm?  

Android Operating System uses this application for checking the app updates and system updates from time to time.

It works in the background and notifies the users about any new system update that is readily available in Samsung tablets and smartphones.    

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t drain more of your system’s resources. So, you’ll not experience excessive data usage or battery draining due to this app. 

Some people believe that it is bloatware or malware, but it’s not true at all. In the coming sections, we are discussing the issue of whether you can disable com. Wssyncmldm or not?

If the answer is yes, then how? If you are getting curious about the ways to fix the issue, then stick around, we’ll tell you everything in detail. 

com.wssyncmldm Is Safe Or Not?  

Some users are suspicious about this app because they think it might be a virus, bloatware, or malware. But it is totally wrong.

The truth is that it is not harmful in any way because it doesn’t pose any deliberate harm to a device.

Neither it needlessly uses system resources nor wastes the data. Thus, it is safe, so don’t worry if you ever see this app on your device. 

Process com. wssyncmldm Has Stopped Working Unexpectedly:

Sometimes the com.wssyncmldm app stops working and a message appears that the “Process com. wssyncmldm has Stopped Working Unexpectedly”.

Some users complain about this pop-up that appears after a couple of minutes and disturbs them in their work. The corrupted cache can be a major cause of this problem.

The other possible reason for crashing the app could be the usage of Custom ROM. If you don’t use a Stock ROM but a Custom ROM, you might face this problem. 

In the next section, we are going to tell you how to fix com. wssyncmldm easily.

How To Fix com. wssyncmldm? 

The main reason causing this error is the corrupted cache. Once you clear the cache, probably the problem will be no more. If the error remains there, then you are free to try any other method for fixing this matter. 

1- Clear App Cache:

Follow the steps mentioned below to clear the data and app cache.

  • Go to your device’s Settings. 
  • Click on Apps.
  • Click the 3 vertical dots that are called the Ellipsis Icon, present at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then, click Show System Apps.
  • Search com.wssyncmldm among the apps and click it.
  • Next, tap the option of Storage. 
  • And, clear Cache and Data.

2- Use Titanium Backup App for Freezing com. wssyncmldm:

If you are worried about com. wssyncmldm and don’t want it to be running in the background, apply this method.

If the first process doesn’t work, you should try this one, it is a better remedy to prevent this error. Through this process, the app will freeze and will become inactive.

Freezing is far better than uninstalling because this way your Samsung account app remains safe from any malfunctioning. 

Titanium Backup App needs your device’s root access. You can start using this method if your Android device has been rooted before, if not, then root your device first. 

  • Download the Titanium Backup app and install it. This app’s function is to restore, backup, and freeze the data and apps of your device. 
  • Open the App.
  • Search com.wssyncmldm and click it. 
  • Finally, click the Freeze option. 

By doing these simple steps, you can conveniently freeze the app and stop its functioning. 

Keep in your mind that if you have installed the Superuser app on your smartphone, first grant permission for freezing com. Wssyncmldm. Just click the Grant option and the procedure begins on its own. 

3- Try Android Debug System (ADB):

Android Debug System is the tool that is helpful for communicating to the device. Whether you want to install any app or debug it, you can. It gives you access to the data and allows you to run commands effortlessly.  

  • Go to Settings of your device.
  • Then, click Systems > About phone.
  • Click Build number 7 times for making the Developer options active. 
  • Now, go to the main Settings of your device again and click Developer options.
  • Click USB debugging for activating it.    
  • Download Android Debug System. You can download it on Windows, Linux, and Mac. 
  • Pull out the zip file’s contents in a folder. 
  • Now open the folder containing the contents of the zip file. 
  • Press and keep holding the Shift key, then right-click on the screen’s blank space.  
  • Select the Open Powershell window here. 
  • Type adb devices in the Powershell window. 
  • Use a USB cable for connecting your Android device with the PC. Don’t forget to set USB Mode before moving on to the next step as File Transfer.
  • As you receive a USB debugging notification on your smartphone, click Ok for instant access. 
  • In the Powershell window, type adb devices again.   
  • The serial number of your phone will be in the Powershell window.
  • In the Powershell window, type adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 com.wssyncmldm. Then, tap Enter to make the command run. This way, the app will be disabled in a few seconds. 

Which Method Is Best For Fixing com. Wssyncmldm?

In the above section, we discussed three methods of fixing this error. First, try the 1st and 2nd methods, you will see the app will disable easily.

But if it happens that both the methods fail in achieving the goal, then try the third one. The last method will undoubtedly help you get rid of com.wssyncmldm.

So, follow all the steps carefully and see the positive result. 

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