What Is com.android.incallui? | com.samsung.android.incallui: 2023

What is com.android.incallui? So, we are here to talk about com.samsung.android.incallui. We will also tell you some of the facts about its use. Many built-in features work perfectly on the latest Samsung cell phones. When you turn on your phone, these services start automatically.

We will also discuss how to use com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui.

What is com.android.incallui?

Incallui is an abbreviation for “In Call User Interface.” It is a pre-installed mobile app that controls screen movement when you are on the phone.

The UI that shows during a call is called Incall UI since it is a built-in core app that does not cease operating in the background. You do not need to be concerned about this because it is an essential UI.

The Incallui app includes screens that display the caller ID and the activities to accept/dismiss the call and converse via message, as well as the screen that shows after you have acknowledged the call. The shows after you have acknowledged the call. The com.android.incallui app is a system service that handles all of the actions during a call and is a long-lasting feature.

It keeps your phone’s on-screen features intact when you get a call or receive a call. It may be opened in System UI -> Settings -> Apps Menu. Most mobile systems have a similar software location, though it might differ somewhat from one to the next.

However, features such as the hold call button, on-screen movement, holding a call, volume up and down, meeting calls, dial logs, and others are available on certain smartphones.

2. How to Use com.android.incallui?

Incallui makes taking calls and identifying who is calling simple. It also provides many alternatives that will make your life easier and wiser. For example, altering the volume level, the ability to record calls, mute a call, access a notepad from the UI, and so on.

In today’s smartphone environment, we take some aspects for granted, such as the screen locks when it contacts your face when you are on a call.

Another example of such concerns is if you want to save a number or take a note while on the phone, you can do so simply with the help of incallui support.

However, you would only be able to accomplish that with incallui. You may need to end the call, write it down, call again, and so on. Your life would be less smart if you didn’t have a smartphone. Consider the difficulties you might experience if these features were not available.

3. What is com.samsung.android.incallui?

You may see an Incallui on your device while making or receiving a phone call. It is what you see on your phone screen, such as holding a call, ending a call, recording a call, and so on.

When you make a call com.samsung.android.incallui that appears on your screen, there are additional choices such as muting a call, holding a call, or recording a call; you can also add a member to a call. These choices are present in incallui, often known as the “in-call user interface.”

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung is the undoubted world leader. It has always been like way from the beginning of the smartphone world. Samsung was always in the hands of someone. Samsung also unveiled its “OneUI” user interface for its devices on December 28, 2018.

OneUI is a smartphone overlay skin for Android. Compared to competing smartphones, Samsung’s OneUI adds a few more features. The com Samsung Android incallui is one of the OneUI’s features.

You may view incallui whenever you make a phone call. The Incallui includes a call screen that allows you to engage with other users while displaying caller ID information.

4. How to Use com.samsung.android.incallui?

Some of the features or applications of the Incallui that we use daily are listed below. This is only an overview, as the features vary depending on the model.

  • You have the option to end the call.
  • You have the option to hold the call.
  • Also to record the calls.
  • The home button is used to access various features.
  • While on the phone with someone, send messages.
  • You may save any number while on the phone by using the built-in notes.
  • You can also add a call from a 3rd person (group call).
  • It will switch off the screen so that your ear does not make any other phone calls when you are talking to someone.

5. Can you uninstall incallui App

No, com.samsung.android.incallui cannot be disabled or uninstalled. As previously said, it is system software that includes critical information for the call screen user interface (UI). This app is available on all mobile devices. However, it is not visible in the system applications or My Google Activity in the most recent versions of Android, such as Android 10.

Although it’s most likely hidden, an old device’s Storage > Android > Data folder may have a folder entitled com.samsung.android.incallui. Remember that this is the app’s data folder; do not try to remove it.

It cannot stop completely; it can only be set to run in the background. And it will be triggered as soon as you receive a call. The procedure is as follows:

  • Go to Settings, then to Apps, and then look for a phone in all of the apps.
  • Then search for com Samsung android incallui.
  • Press the three dots, and search for “Show system apps” from the menu.
  • Then Go to the system applications section.
  • After that, open each of these and wipe out the store in each one.

After the deactivation of incallui, the following items will show on your screen:

  • To end the call.
  • Also, to make a phone recording.
  • After then, put the phone on hold.
  • Turn off the call.
  • Then, by clicking the home button, you may access various features.
  • Simply add another person to the call.


We have covered com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui in great depth. We explained how it works to you. Why is it used, when should it be used, and when should it not be used? I am sure you know what this app does and why it is on your phone.

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