PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected [Fixed] 2023

The issue “PS4 LAN cable not connected” first appeared a few years ago and still affects a few devices. It is critical to understand it to address the problem thoroughly. 

Once done, you may use a LAN cable to maintain a constant high-speed internet connection.

Some individuals cannot discover a solution and must rely on Wi-Fi; if you are one of them, the remedies listed in this article may resolve the problem, allowing you to use a LAN cable to access high-speed internet.

Are you curious about why this notice appears and what measures you must take to resolve it?

Some PS4 Pro owners have gotten this notice after updating their PS4 firmware, while others claim a broken cable or Ethernet port caused the issue.

PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected

You can easily resolve “PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected” because this article has addressed every method.

Why Does My PS4 Says The LAN Cable Is Not Connected?

What Does LAN not connected mean? Let’s figure out why your PS4’s LAN cable isn’t connected and how to fix it. There’s still hope that none of the options helped to solve your LAN cable issue.

  • If you’re using CAT 6 or 7, you can use CAT 5 cabling to solve the problem.
  • The router’s port has to be updated.n’t have a router.
  • The Ethernet cable is attached to your console, however, the other end of the wire is still unplugged.
  • The modem, router, or switch isn’t working.
  • The Ethernet wire has been damaged.
  • The Ethernet adapter on your PS4 has been damaged.

A problem with the PS4 firmware causes the error LAN Cable not connected. To repair it, reboot your router, update your PS4 firmware, use a different cable, try a different router, or alter your PS4’s NAT router settings.

What Should I Do If My PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected?

Whatever the reason for your LAN cable connectivity troubles, you may entirely cure them using the easy hacks and tactics explained in this tutorial.

Try all the options given so you may find one that works for you and get back to gaming in no time. This part will suggest how to address your LAN Cable connection problems.

Reset your Router

This is a straightforward solution that is also effective. Rebooting the router usually fixes the PS4’s internet connection.

  • First, disconnect the router’s power cord. After ten seconds, replace it.
  • This will start the reboot process.

After your router has rebooted, proceed with the procedures outlined below.

  • To use a LAN cable, go to settings> network> set up internet connection> use a LAN cable.
  • Select ‘easy,’ and the notification ‘internet settings changed’ will appear.

Try rebooting the router and PS4 console if this method doesn’t work.

Insert the LAN Cable “Halfway” Through the Port

This solution works if the PS4 LAN port has been destroyed. 

  • Simply enter the LAN cable “halfway” into the port and stop before the Click.
  • PS4 should recognize the cable now. 

Modify the Domain Name System (DNS)

Try this method if PS4 Wi-Fi works but not LAN. To modify the DNS name, follow this approach. 

  • Set up an Internet connection by going to Settings, Network, and then Internet Connection.
  • Choose a LAN Cable and then Custom.
  • Select Automatic IP address settings from the drop-down menu.
  • DHCP Hostname should not be specified here.
  • Select Manual, which may be found under DNS settings.
  • Now you may add the primary and secondary DNS servers. is the primary DNS server. is the secondary DNS.
  • Select Automatic under MTU settings and Proxy Server: Do not use under Proxy Server settings.
  • Finally, you should test your internet connection.

Set A PS4 Static IP Address

Please try method 3 first, and if it does not solve the LAN cable problem, set up a static IP address. Static IP addresses, like dynamic IP addresses, are permanent and do not change when your router is restarted.

Your PS4’s local IP must be changed if the PS4 LAN cable is not working IP address.

  • View the status of your connection by going to Network on Setting and View Connection Status.
  • Go back and write down the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
  • Select Set up Internet Connection and then Use a LAN Cable from the menu.
  • Select Custom and then Manual on the following screen.
  • Now you must input your IP address; remember that you do not have to provide the exact IP address; instead, enter the first three numbers of your IP address and a number between 2 and 255 as your last number. 
  • After you’ve entered the IP, you’ll need to paste the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway you copied previously.
  • Select one of the choices: MTU is set to automatic, and Proxy Server Do not use.
  • It should say successful when you test your internet connection. 
  • Connect the LAN wire now, and the PS4 should identify it.

Re-create Your Database

Try rebuilding your database to repair the PS4 that won’t connect to the LAN issue. This might take up to an hour, depending on the amount of data on the disc. This is how you do it:

  • To begin, hold down the power button for around 10 seconds while the PS4 is turned off. 
  • Your console will enter safe mode when you hear the second beep.
  • Connect your PS4 console to a computer using a USB cord. (A USB charging cable can be used here)
  • Keep your controller’s Play Station button pressed.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘rebuild database’ using the D-button. To do so, press the X button.
  • Please wait till it’s finished.
  • After that, you’ll get a loading screen and then a home screen.

System Software Reinstallation

Even after doing all of the above ways, do you still receive a pop-up notice stating that your LAN cable is not connected?

We’ve reached the last option, which is reinstalling the system software. When you get a notice on your device in safe mode telling you to connect your PS4 to a USB storage device, do so.

Because this procedure deletes all of the data on your hard disc, it is considered the last option.

Furthermore, the following information will assist you in comprehending the prerequisites for this method:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • To download the latest file, use a USB or thumb device.


PS4 LAN cable not connected might be irritating, but with this step-by-step instruction and these hacks, you’ll be able to solve the problem. There is just one risky option 6th one, but from my experience, it should only be chosen after all else has failed and you are left with nothing.

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