Is Newegg A Legit Website? Everything You Need To Know: 2023

Is Newegg a Legit website? Online shopping is gaining popularity because people’s experience is quite good. But if you make a wrong decision about selecting the seller, it will ruin the process. Newegg is an online shopping website that is considered a bit controversial. If you’re also thinking, is Newegg a legit website? Keep on reading the article to get the answer od your query.   

Some people hesitate to buy through this site because of some bad reviews of a few disappointed clients. But we can’t judge the entire website on these reviews. On this record, we deeply researched to help you decide the authenticity of the Newegg. 

What is Newegg? 

In the beginning, Newegg is no doubt a legit website. To make this statement clear let me give some proof. One of the famous magazines, Newsweek, 2020 rated Newegg as the 5th best online shopping platform. 

At the same time, it was also ranked as the 26th e-commerce website out of 500 websites. Digital Commerce 360 made that rating which is a fact figuring and major analysis website.  

Newegg was established in 2001 by Fred Chang, its founder, and CEO. Soon after its creation, Newegg became a popular e-retailer presenting high-quality tech-related products. 

These products included consumer electronics, computer hardware, gaming products, graphic cards, and more.

Since Newegg originated, the number of its employees raised to 1500 while it is serving 36 million people in roundabout 50 countries. 

It sells items independently, yet it allows third-party vendors to sell their products at a reasonable price. The customer service is also quite satisfying.

Around the globe, different fulfillment centers of Newegg are determined to deliver products to customers in less time. 

Newegg is Less Expensive:

The products of Newegg are pretty pricey, so that everyone can buy them conveniently. But what’s the reason these products are too cheap? 

The reason is that it purchases items from companies and sells them to various people and businesses as the company can make numerous sales. That’s why they can offer far less than the market. 

That’s the market share capitalization that helps Newegg maintain its profitability even when selling products at lower prices. 

Newegg is Save to Make Purchases:

If you are curious to know if that is Newegg, a legit website, be happy. It is not only legit but quite better than other online retailers. 

You can share your credit card details for making payments without fear because no one can retrieve your information.  

The previous users’ reviews show that none of them had any issues with the payment procedure. Also, if anyone wants to return any product, it is possible on this platform. 

How Much Does Newegg Shipping Cost? 

The shipping charges of Newegg vary from place to place. The postal or zip code of the user determines the shipping cost.

 All the shipping methods are mentioned and updated from time to time according to different zip codes. Moreover, the customer’s location, storage fee, weight, and other factors influence the overall shipment cost. 

Pros of Newegg: 

Now we’ll discuss the benefits of Newegg so you can decide whether this website suits your requirements. 

1- Huge Variety of Products:  

The huge range of products available on this website is the great reason people are becoming fans of Newegg. 

The reviews show how satisfied customers are with the remarkable variety of products Newegg offers. Especially you’ll never be disappointed when searching for any electronic product.

Because any product you think of will be easily available to you. Shopping becomes an interesting activity for customers due to the well-organized categories and great interface. 

For convenience, every category comes with subcategories to help every shopper to select his required product comfortably. 

2- Fantastic Deals:

Another remarkable feature it offers is the outstanding deals which are not restricted to any particular product. Other retail websites are more expensive than Newegg, and the quality of products could be better. 

Newegg makes users happy by offering gifts and discounts that ultimately save a lot of money for them.  

3- Several Creative Services:

Newegg is a great website offering deals to customers who subscribe to emails. Such offers include safe checkout, a 30-day guarantee, easy orders (through Paypal or card), monthly deals, and more.

You’ll also get great tools on Newegg, such as “Compare Functionality.” Other retailer websites also present such services, but Newegg has some special ones that no one else has ever offered. 

4- PC Builder:

It is a great thrill to build your PC on your own. That’s what PC enthusiasts can do too easily by shopping through Newegg. 

Everyone can purchase separate parts of PCs of their choice to save a huge price that spends when an already built PC is bought. That new service by Newegg lets you fulfill the dream of making a PC with all the components of your choice. 

When you choose all the parts, they assemble them for you at a very reasonable price of just $99. The completed computer is then shipped to your place.  

5- Customer Service Options:

Communication is much essential for online retailer websites. If any Newegg customer has issues, they can contact the customer service team through chat, email, or call. 

They reply to any queries related to order placing and other issues. You can monitor your orders without issues because Newegg provides options.

Newegg also allows you to track packages, ask for delivery dates, locate invoices, or cancel orders. Easily contact the seller or product manufacturer to gain information about your selected product. 

Final Verdict: 

If you wanted to know if that is Newegg, a legit website, you might have gotten the answer to your question. Newegg has a variety of products for you to choose from.

Moreover, the prices and services make it distinguishable from other retailer websites. You can blindly trust it for the quality products it offers.

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