Is Acer A Good Brand? [Complete Guide 2023]

Is Acer A Good Brand? Acer is a famous name in computer manufacturing companies. When we see Acer in the past, we find that Acer is a company based and originated in Taiwan. This area is very famous all over the world for electronic products.

Acer is founded in the year 1976 and is a small company because the number of its employees is around 7100. This is not a very big company compared to other computer manufacturing companies.

At the start of the company, this was a computer manufacturing company. Still, in 2000, a very important decision was made by the key persons of this company which changed the direction of the company business from manufacturing to designing.

After implementing this decision, Acer converted from a computer manufacturing company to a design company. The company has started designing many different computer products, but Acer itself still needs to manufacture these designed products.

For the manufacturing of these latest design products, contracts were made with outsourcing companies.

Is Acer A Good Brand?

Yes, Acer is a good brand. They offer quality products that are designed to last and perform well. Their laptops and desktops have earned high ratings from customers, tech reviewers, and other sources.

Acer’s commitment to excellent customer service is why many people choose them as their go-to computer company.

In addition, they offer competitive prices on the latest technology and are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the competition. Overall, Acer is a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable computer or laptop.

Acer’s Best Market Position

Acer has secured a good and sustainable position in both PCs and Laptop manufacturing market. Analysis of very recent years shows very good marks for Acer. In 2018, it was in the top 4th position among computer manufacturing companies.

In 2019, the company made very attractive and required innovations in the computer manufacturing field, which pushed this company upward among its competitors. These new and attractive innovations include a very slim Acer Swift 7.

Acer And Different IT Equipment

Along with manufacturing computers and laptops, Acer also entered the smartphone race but escaped from that at very early stages. Instead of smartphones, they put their efforts into manufacturing television setscomputer monitors, Multimedia Projectors, and Server machines.

Acer gets a big market share, specifically in the manufacturing of Projectors, Monitors, and Servers like Acer Altos, a very famous name in servers of its time.

Acer And Gaming Clans

Later, as the computer gaming fever became hotter, Acer also started participating in this gaming, especially at tournaments. The product developed and manufactured by Acer is named the Acer Predator series.

These perfect gaming machines can be called complete gaming solutions, including processing, memory, and cooling systems. In the world’s famous racer gaming tournament, Formula 1, the team of Ferrari is sponsored by Acer.

Acer’s Business Development

As its business of Acer is grown and became a famous name as a ‘Brand’ in 2008, Acer attained another computer manufacturer company, “Packard Bell,” which also remained at a certain level of popularity in the market for the manufacturing of computers and laptops.

Because this company was related to Acer’s work field and was also a known company that added extra value to its business of Acer, that’s why other well knows brands of Gateway and eMachines are also proprietary of Acer.

Acer’s Aspire Laptops 

Aspire is the largest and most famous product on laptop computers. Acer Aspire is the famous model you can find in the hands of most laptop users. The reason behind the popularity of Aspire is the range of different sizes and attractive shapes.

This product is available for every type of user, including office users, students, or even for a housewife. A big reason behind this popularity is its low and affordable prices, making it the ultimate choice for students and beginners. Acer Aspire laptops cover a wide range of applications.

This is not only for beginners, but high-end users can also get a suitable Aspire machine because a range of upper-end Aspire laptops is also available. Acer Aspire 3, Aspire 5, and Aspire 7 are different series of laptops with different specifications.

Leader Of Convertible Laptops – Acer Spin

2-in-1 convertible laptops are a great invention to cover the latest need of laptop users. Acer is the leader in the manufacture of convertible laptops. Acer Spin series is the first series of laptops that brings the 2-in-1 convertible laptops in the market with full functionality.

In Acer spin, 360-degree rotation of the display screen is possible, which can also be folded to the back of the Laptop’s keyboard to make a laptop useable as a tablet.

That’s why it is called convertible or 2-in-1, which means Laptop and tablet. In these laptops display size range is from 10 to 12 inches because of the sensitivity of touch of their screens.

Detachable Screen Laptops – Acer Switch

Acer also launched another series of laptops in which the keyboard can be removed from the screen of the Laptop, and the screen of the Laptop can use a tablet with the help of a touch screen without a keyboard. This technology is also known as a detachable keyboard.

Microsoft invented this technology in its Surface series laptops. To compete for this series of Microsoft, Acer started their Switch series of laptops.

Acer Nitro And Chromebooks

Acer Nitro is a new series of laptops by Acer, which is a revolutionary change in the field of gaming laptops. It gives the highest level of entertainment experience to its game-lover users. Nitro is the combination of the previous Predator series features along with the latest features of versatility and slimness.

High refresh rates and a contrast ratio of their high-end displays make these Nitro series laptops un-beatable. While on the other hand, very low specs and high-performance Chrome books are also manufactured by ACER.

Latest, Stylish, And Slim – Acer Swift

In the latest time of versatility, Acer is not behind any other famous brand. Nowadays, users demand slim trips and highly portable laptop machines, which is why Acer brings its Swift series to the market, which is ultra-thin, attractive, and powerful.

In the Swift series of Acer laptops, all the hardware is the latest in technology and powerful. Along with this, long battery backup time is an extra advantage of Acer Swift laptops.

Final Words

With all the information given in this knowledge base article, it is finally concluded that Acer is one of the best computer manufacturing companies with a wider range of devices for all kinds of users. These devices are faster and more reliable for all types of work.

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