How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller On Xbox One? 2023

Are you looking for tips and methods on how to use an Xbox 360 controller on Xbox one? Then this place is just perfect for you.  

Here we will guide you on how to use your Xbox 360 controller on Xbox one. But, firstly, you need to have a brief idea of the Xbox 360 controller and how it works. 

Xbox 360 was introduced in 2005, the home video game console made by Microsoft. It is available in two versions: wired and wireless. 

There is no comparison between Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Xbox 360 is the best desktop or laptop controller gamers like to use to enjoy thrilling games. 

It is backed up by either AA batteries or rechargeable batteries, depending on you what you prefer to use. Another option for charging your favourite console is a USB, which most users find convenient.

It is an aged technology. You will need to have battery support in several games.

How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller On Xbox One:

Xbox one price ranges from $ 62.00 to $89.00. Most importantly, you should have a PC to make it work; desktops are relatively inexpensive. 

However, prices increase when new versions launch in the market, and you convince yourself to pay a hefty price for an excellent controller. 

But, the idea that often triggers your mind: should you prefer purchasing a new version while you have an old Xbox console? 

How can we connect the Xbox one controller to Xbox 360? Due to technological advancements, we cannot hack into the old Xbox controller.

If you don’t want to purchase a new Xbox one controller or spend more than $40, using the old one is quite convenient.

 Besides, most gamers find the Xbox one console a better gadget; using an outdated version may lead to lagging some games. 

If you insist on using Xbox one console with Xbox 360, you can manipulate the device using a crossover model.

But, even if there is a chance to manipulate it, you may have to face lagging, and it may need to level up to the advanced in-built technology.

You will need to buy a new or used alternative to connect the controller to the console. 

When you’ll use Xbox 360 controller on Xbox one, don’t worry, Microsoft upgrades its gadgets to better versions to bar the misuse of technology.

Suppose you wish to use your old Xbox 360 controllers on your Xbox one and still wonder if it is possible! Then the answer is yes! 

You can use your Xbox 360 controllers on your Xbox one, and we will teach you how! Also you will need Windows 10 on a laptop or PC, a wired or wireless Xbox 360 controller, and Xbox One with a wireless adapter.

 You have to download it on the Xbox app to stream your games on Windows 10 PC.

STEPS AND TIPS (How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller On Xbox One?):

STEP 1: 

Firstly, connect your Xbox 360 to your PC, having Windows 10. Connect Xbox One to a streaming Xbox app

Your PC needs the same network as the Xbox one, which connects with a USB port or a wireless adapter. Here are a few methods to show how you can connect your desktop to Xbox one.

  • Your desktop must have an HDML input port.
  • You can use a wireless adapter.
  • It is essential to make sure your PC and Xbox One and Xbox 360 are connected to the same internet connection, click on the left icon and both controllers will be get connected to your PC.
  • To avoid unnecessary issues while playing, I will personally recommend you Ethernet connection which makes your joy time more valuable, 


Secondly, connect the controller to the wireless adapter of the PC. You can also connect the wireless receiver to the 360 controllers.

 You will only be able to connect your Xbox 360 if you power your Xbox One to the same network. So, turn on the Xbox one first, then proceed further. 

You may have to download drivers to connect a wireless Xbox one to the Xbox 360 controller.


When you open the Xbox app on a desktop or laptop, if you have downloaded the Xbox app, you will see a green icon with the logo of Xbox, which can be found in the start menu bar.

 You must sign in to the same account with the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

STEP 4:  

You can log into the same network while clicking on the connection icon, similar to the Xbox one console in the left sidebar. 

STEP 5: 

Press the stream button; it’s the option on the screen at the top next to an icon with two signals present on each side. Your Xbox will automatically start running on-screen if you have already set it up.

 Now enjoy playing your Xbox 360 controller with Xbox one; you can also view your Xbox on an LCD flat screen. To avoid lagging in input lay, use low-quality streams by setting on your computer and using an Ethernet connection.


  • You cannot use Xbox one console with XBOX 360 control natively, as 360 control can’t compete with Xbox one anyway so if you are wishing to use them you must have a PC with a window 10.
  • For best result use a router connected with both PC and Xbox one which must have a wired Ethernet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you need to download drivers on your PC to connect Xbox one console and Xbox 360 controller.

A- Yes, you can use two controllers for multi-player purposes by connecting both the controller to your PC and playing split screenplay games.

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