How To Fix PS4 Controller Drift? Fixed 2023

If you operate your controllers angrily and loudly while playing a game, you may come across the PS4 controller drift issue. Now, you want to know how to fix PS4 controller drift. Stick around, and We’ll discuss all the aspects of this issue thoroughly in this article.

It often happens that the analog stick or potentiometer damages and deteriorates quickly. Most users are aggressive in playing, so it is a common problem. 

Sometimes dust accumulates in the PS4 controller around the analog stick. And if you don’t clean it regularly, that lot of dust causes the analog to malfunction.

If your PS4 controller’s analog stick is drifting, the excellent fix is to clean it by opening its buttons. Eliminate the dirt with any cotton bud or any soft thing.

How To Fix PS4 Controller Drift?

 Though it seems miserable when you find this issue, there are very minute causes of PS4 controller drift. Let’s talk about this matter deeply, so first, we’ll discuss the factors causing this problem. 

Causes Of PS4 Controller Drift:

Before moving on to the methods of fixing this issue, it is essential to understand what causes PS4 controller drift. The factors causing this problem are not too big, so you can prevent the drift issue by giving it a bit of consideration.

  • The first and common cause is the aggressive use of controllers, which most users do. There is a possible chance that your potentiometer or stick is damaged.
  • Cleaning the controllers is too important because if the dirt collects around the gap of the analog stick, it can also create this issue.   
  • Be careful in handling the PS4 controller, as accidental falls can also deprive you of your favorite gaming consoles. 

Methods Of Fixing PS4 Controller Drift:

You can easily fix the PS4 Controller Drift by applying the following methods. Understand the problem fully and then apply the best possible solution for fixing this issue. 

Reset the Controller:

By resetting the controller, many issues remove conveniently. Here, we’ll discuss the simple steps of the complete resetting procedure. 

  • First of all, power on the PS4. To reach the settings, use another controller. 
  • Click “Devices.” 
  • From there, move to the “Bluetooth Devices.”
  • Select the inactive controller. Remember, there would be a green dot on the active controller.
  • Click “Options” on your PS4 controller.
  • Click “Forget Device” in the appeared menu.
  • Then switch off the PS4.
  • After following the above steps, use a USB for connecting your problematic controller with PS4. 
  • Now press your controller’s PlayStation button after turning on the PS4. Log in to check out your controller is working or not. 

Another Resetting Process:

You can opt for another very easy reset process that can resolve your problem in a couple of minutes. 

  • Turn off the PS4. 
  • Then pick the troublesome controller and turn its back towards you. 
  • You’ll see a hole; use an unfolded paperclip to press the button inside that hole. 
  • Keep pressing the button for at least 10 seconds. 
  • Now, connect your controller again with the PS4 using a USB cable. 
  • Switch on the PS4 and click the PlayStation key of the problematic controller. Log in to check out whether your controller is working or not. 
  • If the light indicator turns blue, it is a sign of successful pairing. 

Clean The Problematic Controller:

It is essential to take care of your video game consoles fully. For that, you should clean them thoroughly because it is not time-consuming but has a very positive effect on your console’s life.

Make sure you clean your PS4 controller often to prevent huge issues. You might be thinking about how to clean the controllers, don’t worry; it is too easy.

  • For cleaning your PS4 controller, turn off everything. 
  • Now, pick up your air dryer and change its settings to cold mode. If you have any other device that produces compressed air, you can also use it for that purpose. It is essential to use the dryer only in cold mode. If you don’t have an air dryer at home, invest some bucks to make your controllers work efficiently.  
  • Turn on the air dryer and let the cold air blow out all the accumulated dirt around the analog stick. Move the joystick around and round and try to clean the controller perfectly. 
  • For better cleaning, you may need a needle or any pointy device to get rid of irritating dirt particles. Along with that, use a wipe to clean the dirt coming out on the outer surface. 
  • After cleaning nicely, you’ll experience a positive change in the performance of your controller. 

Deep Cleaning:

You can try deep cleansing if cleaning works well for solving this issue. But there are better options for those who are not good at handling frail electronic devices. 

It is good for them to buy a new controller instead of putting themselves in a hectic situation. 

Open the PS4 controller, grab a cotton swab, and gently clean all the dust and dirt. There is no need to disconnect any other component but just the battery.

 Never make the mistake of using pressurized air to clean the inner area of your controller. 

Change The Analog Stick:

You are blessed if you have good knowledge about how to change the analog stick. Purchase the proper tools and do it yourself to eliminate this problem.

 But if you think it would go wrong if you try on your own, it is better to leave because it requires careful handling and enough expertise to replace the analog stick rightly. 

Most importantly, if you mess up with the controllers, it will terminate the warranty also. So, you’ll get nothing, which will only waste your time.  

Final Verdict:  

Here, in this guide, we discussed: How to fix PS4 controller drift. You can handle this issue by resetting the controller.

If you don’t clean it regularly, it can also cause a drift issue. Moreover, if cleaning is not the solution, replace the components carefully, and it will be good to go. 

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