How To Fix Pink Screen On Laptop? 2023

You may have downloaded a driver on your laptop and ended up with a pink screen issue. An odd display irritates me a lot. Now you are searching for how to fix pink screen on laptop. Don’t worry; this problem is relatively easy to handle. We will discuss here various solutions to this issue. If one solution doesn’t work, go for the next one. At last, you’ll find a better remedy for this matter.

Find out the problem first:

First of all, it’s essential to find out the roots of this issue. When you understand the cause of the pink screen, you can quickly solve this problem. So, let’s go deep into the case to find the solution. 

If the screen is pink for the following reasons, the solution is more manageable. 

1- The screen is somewhat damaged.

2- Loose wiring.

3- The screen’s backdrop illuminations are not working correctly due to some recent damage.

4- Wires connecting the screen with other parts are not attached correctly. 

These are the problems that are more minor issues; you can quickly solve them on your own or take your laptop for repairs. 

Two main reasons for the pink screen:

The screen can turn pink due to two significant reasons, one is the software issue, while the other one is the hardware problem. To find out the real cause, attach it via HDMI to an external screen.

If the connected screen also shows the same pink tint, then be sure it’s the software creating the issue. Fixing that problem takes little time or effort. 

Ways to fix the software issue:

When you are sure, the screen is getting pink because something went wrong with the software, reinstall Windows. Before doing this, store your essential data elsewhere because reinstalling the operating system can cause you to lose all previously stored files.

After reinstalling Windows, update the software and drivers on your laptop to eliminate the pink screen issue. 

Methods to fix the hardware issue:

 If you reinstalled the windows, but the problem is still there, then the hardware may be responsible for this trouble. To resolve it, open the laptop and thoroughly clean its body by removing the dirt.

Now, look at the wires appropriately attached or if anyone is loose. If any wire is damaged, it’s better to replace it. If you can change it on your own, only take the chance to try changing it. Otherwise, what’s the matter to discuss with any hardware specialist? 

Various ways to fix the pink screen on a laptop:

The pink screen is so irritating to look at. Here we are going to tell you some remedies for this frustrating matter.  

1- Restart the laptop:

That’s the most common solution to different problems. Before doing any lengthy procedure of fixing the problem, try this most accessible solution; may it work.

Restart the laptop to fix the pink screen. Sometimes it happens that the software and hardware of the laptop do not coordinate with one another. It was restarting fixes the issue all of a sudden.  

2- Update Graphics card:

Sometimes you try too hard, but the screen remains pink; updating the graphics card at that time is better. Often it’s the graphics card creating the issue, so its updating can fix the trouble quickly.

For that, go to the website of your laptop’s manufacturing company and download the latest driver for the graphics adapter.

3- Check recent installations:

Sometimes, we install something, and right after the installation, the screen starts becoming pink. This recent installation is creating problems. The simplest solution is to uninstall the program recently installed to tackle the issue.

It occurs when somebody uses any screen software related to a third party. Reports say that this problem mostly appears due to True Color software. Remove that sort of software to resolve the pink screen trouble.

4- Clean your laptop from automatically made files:

That is a significant issue that sometimes you remove software, and it leaves its leftovers behind. And it is not the case with one or two software; most software endows you with the same problem. It’s of utmost importance to clean this mess to make your screen remain perfect as before.

The registry entries and files this software leaves behind start interfering with your laptop’s system. That is the point where the pink screen issue arises. The simple way to get rid of them is to remove them. But that is more complex than you think.

These files are hidden, and you can’t find them easily. Download software of third-party to remove all this inappropriate material. Let’s tell you the two most popular software to clean your laptop.

a- Systweak Advanced System Optimizer:

One of the best software to remove these files from your laptop is the Systweak Advanced System Optimizer. One of the things that makes it an ideal solution to this problem is that it is easy to use. Moreover, it’s relatively inexpensive to cost you high and tighten your budget.

It removes the problematic junk files from your laptop and returns to its normal position. With its Game Optimizer, you’ll see your laptop turning into a dedicated gaming device.

b- CCleaner:

CCleaner is the other one of the best junk file removal software. It is capable of deleting all the junk files conveniently from your device. One benefit you will expect from using it is that your laptop will be safe from all sorts of malware threats.

5- Have a look at GPU’s temperature: 

The pink screen issue is sometimes the result of the overheating of the GPU. When you have not cleaned your laptop for some days, and the dirt accumulates around the fans, it overheats the laptop. Resultantly, the laptop reacts by showing the screen pink.

To know whether it is overheating creating the issue, you should clean the laptop instantly. The other solution is to download one of the software available for checking the laptop’s temperature. This software gives complete information about the temperature of the CPU and GPU.

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