How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works? 2023

Do you get annoyed when your favorite song plays in one ear? Do you still need to reinvest in a similar pair? How to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works? Well, not only do I sympathize with your distress, but I also have solutions to your dilemma.

It can be irritating to have Bluetooth Earbuds that only play in one ear if you listen to music or watch videos regularly. If you’ve been relying on your earphones and favorite beats to filter out noise when working, this problem will likely affect your productivity.

This issue is like a global problem. Regardless of how many earbuds or headphones you purchase, there will be a moment when you will only hear music from one side, which is annoying.

If one side of a Bluetooth earbud stops working, there are many ways to fix it, and there are a hundred different ways to fix many models.

How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works?

There are a few options for dealing with this problem. First, make sure your media player doesn’t create the issue. You switch on the earbuds after you’ve ruled out the system settings. The problem may be due to a change in your device’s settings.

1. Change Pair of Earbuds with another one:

First and foremost, ensure it’s not your Bluetooth earbuds causing the issue. One way to achieve this is to change your earbuds to another pair in proper working order. If you don’t have another pair, see if a neighbor has any you might borrow.

If all is in order, you should be sure that the issue is with your earbuds. Problem occurs with another pair of earbuds, it’s time to look at the device’s settings. If another pair of wireless earbuds work perfectly, the issue is with the earbuds in question.

2. Restart The Device:

If your device is the source of the problem, the first step is to restart it. Turning it off and on again, as is the case for other technologies, can solve the problem. A software upgrade often causes this problem and rebooting fixes it.

Check to see if you can hear from both earbuds after restarting the phone or PC. If the headphone is only still playing in one ear, check the audio settings on your device.

3. Check Audio Setting:

The sound will only play through one of the Bluetooth earbuds if the audio is set to mono, giving the impression that they are damaged. This is inconvenient because you might unintentionally discard a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, so check again. In your device’s Accessibility settings, look for mono and balance settings.

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio and On-Screen Text on an Android phone.

A slider showing left, and right will appear. For a well-balanced sound, it should be right in the center.

4. Check Problem with Halfway Point:

If you have a pair of wireless headphones with a cable, you can see if they have a problem with the halfway point. When audio gets stuck halfway through wireless transmission, this is what happens. Plug the earphone cord into the audio jack while the music is playing to see if you have the halfway point problem.

If the audio plays in both ears, the issue is a halfway point issue. When listening wirelessly, insert and detach the cable from the audio jack so you can hear the echo with both ears.

This only applies to hybrid earbuds that also come with an aux cord. This approach would only work for partially wireless earbuds like Apple’s AirPods or Redux Noise-Canceling Earbuds.

5. Check for Damaged Wires:

Check for damaged internal wires if your headphones are fully charged but only fit on one side. Don’t worry; it’s really easy to do.

Remove the case from the Bluetooth unit and open it. Find the broken wires and repair them with a soldering iron. After that, reassemble everything inside the case and reactivate the Bluetooth feature to verify it.

6. Check Warranty:

Most earbuds come with a 6- to 12-month warranty, particularly the more expensive ones. If your earbuds break out after the warranty era, it’s a good idea to take advantage of them to get them repaired properly.

Attempting to repair your earbuds can cancel the warranty if anything goes wrong and they get damaged, leaving you with a broken pair of headphones.

7. Clean Earbuds:

Check to see if the ear pods are clean and dry. Dirt, ear wax, or lint will clog headphones and prevent sound from reaching the earbuds. After some time has passed, check the headphones for debris. When using earbuds, most people put them in their pockets or purse, which is inconvenient.

To prevent this problem, make a case for them. If you spot dust or debris on your earbuds, wipe them away with a dry cloth. If your earbuds get wet, use a microfiber fabric to absorb the liquid. Microfibers are ideal because they don’t leave new fibers scattered over the headphones.

8. Check Bluetooth Function:

Another important feature that is often disrupted is Bluetooth. Check to see if your device’s Bluetooth is working properly. And, if you’re still having trouble, disconnect your contacts and wired gadgets and reconnect them.


How to fix Bluetooth Earbuds when only one side works? It is the most frequently asked question, and the answer is very simple. There are a variety of theories why Bluetooth earbuds only work on one side. It’s possible they’ve been lost, stood on, or had a problem with the wiring.

Before you can solve a dilemma, you must first get to the source of the issue. To assist you in finding the right headphones for your earbuds, we have highlighted some of the best offers on the market.

Switch them off, wait a few minutes, and then turn them back on to ensure they’re all running. Wait for your computer to recognize and pair your wireless earphones again. This could be all they need if your earbuds are still relatively new.

If they’re older, the problem may be more serious. The last thing you want to do is endanger your warranties by exacerbating the problem.

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