How to find Euro symbol on your PC or Laptop keyboard? 2023

How to find Euro symbol on your PC or Laptop keyboard? Euro is the main currency in many European countries, and we often need the Euro symbol to write in our documents. But it’s a serious issue that this symbol is unavailable on PC or laptop keyboards. If you are searching for the Euro symbol on your PC or laptop keyboard, then keep reading; we have compiled many easiest solutions for this problem. Now, you’ll be able to easily type the Euro symbol without any hecticness. 

Like the Dollar symbol, the Euro symbol should have been available on the PC or laptop’s keyboard, but that’s not the case. The Euro symbol is provided in the special characters section of desktops and mobile keyboards, so you can easily use these means.

To conveniently type the Euro symbol through the keyboard, follow the easiest ways we will discuss here. 

Ways of typing the Euro symbol on the PC or laptop keyboard:

PCs and laptops use Windows and Mac as their operating systems. So, to get the Euro Symbol for both of them, you must follow different procedures. Firstly, we’ll discuss the ways that are useful for Windows to find the Euro symbol. Then, we will go towards procedures applicable to Mac.

1- For Windows:

Most PCs and laptops use Windows OS, so let us explain some easy ways of finding the Euro symbol for Windows. 

a- Ctrl + Alt keys:

Press the Ctrl + Alt keys simultaneously and hold for a while. Using this combination, you’ll be able to type different characters and, obviously, the Euro symbol. 

b- E key:

The previous procedure, along with the E key, is an instant way to get a Euro symbol for your documents. When you press the Alt +Ctrl keys, at the same time, press the E key with them. By doing this, you will easily get a Euro symbol for Microsoft office.

If you apply this procedure and it doesn’t work, be relaxed. For a few Microsoft Office versions, you have to press 4 instead of E.

Some other keyboards require a different combination to provide you with the Euro symbol. For these types of keyboards that don’t accept the above method, try Alt Gr+E or Ctrl+Alt+5.

c- Copy and paste:

The easiest way to get a Euro symbol for your document is to copy it from any source and paste it into your document. Find this symbol from a web document or any webpage. For this purpose, select the Euro symbol from anywhere you feel convenient.

Then, press Ctrl+C or right-click on the selected symbol and choose the “copy” option. After that, move to your document and press Ctrl+V. This way, the copied Euro symbol will instantly be pasted on your document. The other way is to click the right button on the mouse and choose the paste option. 

d- Character map:

One of the easy solutions to find a Euro symbol for your laptop is to go to the character map to find your desired symbol. In the character map, various symbols are available.

Find the Euro symbol and copy it. Where can you find the character map? It’s so simple to access a character map. Go to Start, click Programs, then Accessories. From there, select System Tools; finally, choose your desired character map here. 

e- Find it on the Emoji keyboard:

Another interesting way to find the Euro symbol is the emoji keyboard. To get your required symbol, press the Windows key with a full stop (.) or the Windows key and semicolon (;).

Then, select the currency portion, and there you’ll find the Euro symbol. The Emoji keyboard is available on Windows, and it’s quite an easy way to insert any Unicode emoji symbol.

f- Use numeric keypad: 

If you have a laptop with a numeric keypad and Windows operating system, it’s more than easy to type code and get a Euro symbol. Press the Alt, hold a little and type the 0128 code in the text box. You will find the Euro symbol all of a sudden by this method.

2- for Mac:

People with PCs or laptops with Mac OS should be fine that we are discussing the procedures for Windows only. Here in this portion, we will discuss how to get the Euro symbol for Mac OS. 

a- Shift + option keys:

In this method, you must press two keys simultaneously and hold them for a while. These two keys are Shift + Option. Doing so will easily get a Euro symbol for tying in your document. If you have a keyboard that lacks an option key, no issue, there is an alternative for it.

Look at your keyboard; you can see the Alt key; yes, you got it. You can use the Alt key instead of the Option key. Press Alt + Shift key to instantly find the Euro symbol. 

b- Shift + Option + 2:

Using the same keys with just an additional key, 2, you can get a Euro symbol quickly. Press Shift + Option + 2 and hold for a little time. Use this method if you are not getting the desired results in an above-discussed way.

This procedure applies to almost all the standard international keyboards. But if some keyboards with a different key combination, like Russian keyboards, don’t find this procedure applicable, press 4, not 2. 

c- Character Viewer:

Apple has provided the Character Viewer to find any symbol, emoji, character, or accented letter. Find out Character Viewer to instantly insert the Euro symbol you have been searching for so long.

Open the Character Viewer and press here Command+Control+Space. The symbols will appear; look for the Euro symbol. Please find and click the Euro symbol to insert it into your document. 

d- Copy and paste: 

Like Windows, Mac OS also allows you to copy the Euro symbol from any web page or document and paste it where you want. This is the way you will find it most convenient. 

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