How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS3 In 2023?

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3? Yes, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to PS3 by two methods. The first method is pairing a bluetooth device to PS3, and the second is setting the newly paired headphone as an input and output device.

PS3 serves as a home entertainment platform as well as a gaming device. Although the console is now very outdated, a good number of PS3 fans continue to use it.

Unlike previous PS3 models, which did not support Bluetooth speakers or headphones, the PS3 is the first in its class to support wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth allows you to operate various devices while remaining wirelessly connected. You can easily hear sounds from your PS3 over a pair of headphones due to Bluetooth compatibility.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS3?

PS3 encourages you to pair wireless Bluetooth headphones, unlike previous Playstation systems. Bluetooth headphones allow you to listen to your game’s sound from anywhere in the room and play and talk with other users on the PlayStation free online gaming network. You should always try PS3 Compatible Bluetooth headphones.

The majority of Bluetooth headphones are PS3 compatible. You can connect the unit to your game console in minutes and listen to the sound through the built-in speakers.

To connect a headphone, you must first register the device with the console and then pair it before using it. As a result, the technique is divided into two parts.
1) Pairing of Bluetooth headphones to PS3.
2) Setting an Input/output device to your newly paired headphones.

1) Pairing Of Bluetooth Headphones to PS3:

You must first pair your Bluetooth headphones with your PS3 by following the steps below:

  • Make sure the Bluetooth headphones are fully charged.
  • Turn on your PS3 and navigate to the main menu.
  • Go to the Setting and choose Accessories Settings, then Manage Bluetooth Devices.
  • A note will appear stating that there is no Bluetooth device associated with the PS3: “The Bluetooth device is currently unregistered. Are you interested in registering it?” To register, select “Yes.”
  • Connect your Bluetooth headphones and turn them on. When it’s turned on and in Pairing Mode, it flashes red-blue.
  • When the Bluetooth is fully operational, Switch to the PS3 and select “Start Scanning.”
  • If the scan is accurate, Bluetooth devices within range that are ready to be registered will be shown. It’s the Bluetooth headphones in this situation. Your device wasn’t properly configured for pairing if no device appears.
  • Finally, enter the passkey for your Bluetooth headset to complete the pairing process. A blue light will appear for a few seconds on the Headset LED when the pairing is successful.
  • Click OK, and wait for the message “Registration done.” The pairing is now final, as shown by this confirmation. Your PS3 and Bluetooth headset are now connected with a secure wireless connection.

A PS3 Bluetooth headphone passkey is a security feature that supports your PS3’s access to your Bluetooth headset.

2) Setting an input/output device to your newly paired Headphones:

Once your Bluetooth headset and PS3 are paired, you’ll need to configure it as the default Input/output Audio device, so you don’t have to replay the procedure repeatedly.

  • To start, go to settings from the home page, then to Accessory settings, then to Audio device settings, and press the X button.
  • The “Output Device” option will be highlighted. Click “X” to pick the headphone options after searching through them. The microphone and wireless headphones can now be ready to be used with the setup.
  • When you click Output Device, the previous settings will be altered, and your Headphone will now act as an output device as well. You’ll be able to hear other players’ voice chat messages on your wireless Bluetooth headphones if you use these settings.
  • Set a convenient Microphone Level now. To do so, check the input/output levels of your headphones by speaking into the microphone. Change the volume level if the voice coming out of the speaker is too quiet.
  • Once you’ve finished setting it up, go to the bottom section and press OK.
  • That concludes the article. Now you can play PS3 while listening through your headphones.

What to do if PS3 Bluetooth not working? Or is the PS3 Bluetooth headset disconnecting?

To start, make sure your Bluetooth system is turned on. Check the battery life of your Bluetooth headphone. If required, charge the battery or replace old or depleted batteries.

  • Click the Power Button again to restart the console.
  • Select Accessory Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Manage Bluetooth Devices option.
  • Manage Bluetooth Devices option.
  • From the Options menu, select Delete.
  • To validate system deletion, choose yes.

PS3 Bluetooth Headphones Netflix:

You can use your PS3 Bluetooth headphones to watch Netflix movies and gaming. However, you’ll need a headset that can accommodate both games and video viewing.

If the volume is too low and you can’t hear Netflix, you likely need to adjust your computer settings. To fix the error, follow the steps below for your computer.

  • Go to settings from the PlayStation home screen.
  • Select Sound Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Audio Output Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Press X to choose the cable type you’re using to connect your PlayStation 3 to your TV or home theatre device.
  • Press X to save the settings if you selected Audio Input Connector / SCART / AV MULTI, then try Netflix again.
  • If you choose HDMI, select Manual and proceed to the next level.
  • Just search the keys for Linear PCM 2. CH 44.1 kHz and Linear PCM 2. CH 48 kHz.
  • Check to see if Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus are enabled.
  • Click the right arrow.
  • If asked, select OK.
  • To save the settings, click X.
  • Try Netflix once more.


There are two ways to attach Bluetooth headphones to a PS3. The first approach involves connecting a Bluetooth headphone with the PS3, and the second involves setting the newly paired headphone as both an input and output device.

Bluetooth helps you use a wide range of gadgets while wired wirelessly. The PS3 is the first console of its kind to support Bluetooth wireless headphones. Because the console is now outdated, many PS3 users use it. Since your PS3 is Bluetooth-compatible, you can quickly hear sounds from it through headphones.

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