Display Over Other Apps Feature Not Available: 2023

Are you tired of switching between apps to use the available features? You’re not alone – many other app users can relate. Unfortunately, there will be a quick fix for this problem sometime soon since one feature that would normally make life easier – Display over other apps feature not available on certain devices. Read on to find out why this feature isn’t available and some workarounds you can try if managing multiple apps is difficult.

Reasons Why Display Over Other Apps Feature Not Available?

The most common reasons for this lack of availability are compatibility issues due to different operating systems, difficulties related to its integration with existing applications, and the increasing complexity of developing such an advanced feature.

Safety concerns are another factor since inadvertently allowing a malicious application or setting could result in major security problems. Hardware limitations may also be partially responsible if the device does not have enough processor resources or compatible graphics cards to support the feature.

Other hindrances include battery optimization considerations, application licensing, and copyright issues, differences between mobile platforms and desktop OSs, and a perceived lack of demand for the technology. All these primary factors combine to prevent the adoption of Display over other apps as a more widely used feature.

What Is Display Over Other Apps, And How Does It Work?

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Display Over Other Apps is a setting on many mobile devices that, when enabled, allows users to keep whatever video or application is on their screen as the topmost layer.

That means that whenever any other app opens overtop of it, such as an incoming email or a text message, it will display in the background whatever is currently running in fullscreen rather than stopping and hiding the video or app behind it.

This feature can be incredibly helpful for multitasking – for example, if you’re in the middle of watching a video but need to respond quickly to a notification from another application, enabling Display Over Other Apps makes this task far less cumbersome.

How To Enable Display Over Other Apps On Your Device?

Display Over Other Apps is an incredibly useful feature that can increase the functionality of your device and help make day-to-day tasks easier. Unfortunately, many users need to know if this feature is enabled on their device or may need to learn how to activate it.

To enable Display Over Other Apps on your device, start by navigating to your settings app. Once you find and select the “Display” option, look for a checkbox labeled “Display pop-up windows over other apps” and make sure that it’s checked – this should allow other apps to overlay with yours!

Another option at this step is to adjust display size and font if desired, as these settings may counterbalance whether Display Over Other Apps is enabled.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Display Over Other Apps?

Display technology offers unique benefits compared to the use of other apps. Thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly interface, Display allows for the smooth presentation of complex data in a concise, meaningful way.

You can save time and resources by just using one platform for all your content-sharing needs. As well as producing dynamic visuals that easily grab attention, Display can quickly create visually appealing storyboards without manually creating each image.

All these features help teams work faster and more efficiently, allowing them to present important information more effectively.

How To Turn Off Display Over Other Apps?

Turning off the Display over other apps is a straightforward process that can be completed with just a few clicks. To do so, users need to open up their device’s settings menu, locate the “Display” tab, and ensure that “Display Over Other Apps” is disabled.

It’s important to note that disabling this feature may also prevent some apps from displaying correctly when running in the background, so it should only be used when necessary. With an easy toggle switch, users can customize how their device deals with interfering displays and continue using their apps without further hiccups.

Troubleshooting Tips If The App Still Isn’t Working

Try these troubleshooting tips if you still need help getting your app to work:

  1. Verify that your device has installed the latest version of the app. If not, update it and see if that solves the issue.
  2. Check for any current system or software updates. Sometimes these updates can change file pathways and interfere with the running of an application.
  3. Make sure all required hardware and drivers are correctly installed on your machine.

If all else fails, seek customer support from the app manufacturer for further assistance in getting your application working again.

What Is Screen Overlay, And Why Should You Use It?

Screen overlay is a feature that allows one app to appear on top of another and be used simultaneously. While this might sound inconvenient, it’s handy if you need a quick reference while performing a different task on your device.

For example, you could use screen overlay to open up an online calculator while working in another app without jumping back and forth between them. This can save time and makes multitasking more efficient.

Plus, it’s usually also faster than manually changing the size of the windows to achieve the same effect. Screen overlay is easy to set up and can be used for work and entertainment purposes, so it’s worth giving it a try!

How To Enable Screen Overlay On Your Android Device?

Enabling screen overlay on an Android device is a quick process that will enable you to adjust the opacity of apps that run in the background, like chat heads and float menus. Head to your device’s settings and tap the “Apps” option.

Then, scroll down and select the app you wish to enable screen overlay for. Tap on “Permissions,” then make sure the toggle beside “Draw over other apps” is switched on.

Once set, you’ll be able to control how see-through any background apps appear while using another program, adjusting their opacity as desired. With this quick change, you can now start tweaking your device easily!

How Do You Disable Screen Overlay?

Disabling screen overlays from apps can be a valuable tool for preventing distractions when trying to get work done. Screen overlay allows other apps to display on top of other applications or the device’s UI.

To disable this layer, your device must be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later, and you will also need to check the version number of your app. To begin, head over to your phone’s Settings and tap ‘Apps’ followed by ‘Configure Apps’ and then ‘Draw over other apps.’

Finally, you can select which applications you want to enable or disable the overlay feature. Following these simple instructions will help make your workflow more productive and less prone to irritating interruptions!


Q: Is screen overlay safe to use? 

A: When used correctly, screen overlay is a safe and convenient feature that allows users to multitask more effectively. However, it can cause technical issues if a compatible device is not being used or the app version needs to be updated.

Q: Can I adjust the opacity of apps on my device? 

A: Yes, you can easily adjust the opacity for one or multiple apps depending on your preferences. This is done by heading to your device’s settings, selecting the app you wish to customize, tapping permissions and making sure “Draw over other apps” is toggled on. From here, you can easily adjust the opacity of the app as desired.

Q: Does screen overlay drain battery life? 

A: Screen overlay doesn’t cause a drastic decrease in battery life, but if certain apps run in the background using this feature, it can be more taxing on your battery. If you notice a significant decrease in battery life, check which apps are using the feature and disable them if possible.

Q: What should I do if my device isn’t compatible with screen overlay? 

A: If your device isn’t compatible with screen overlay, you will need to upgrade your device or contact the app’s support team to see if there is an alternative. Additionally, some apps may have a similar feature that can be used as a substitute. It is also worth researching the app’s reviews to see if other users have had similar issues and how they resolved them.


Though the Display Over Other Apps feature is not available on certain devices, there are other ways to use your device without worrying about third-party downloads. With some creativity, you can still utilize this feature in a way that works for you and your device.

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