Top 7 Cheap Monitors With HDMI Input 2023

Selection of the best monitor for a computer display is not easy nowadays because many different features are required to perform all work. Besides the best features, its price is an essential constraint for monitor selection. Every user tries to find a monitor that has maximum features but at a low price which can be cheap or close to the cheap price. For your facilitation in selecting the best low-priced monitor, I am writing this article on cheap monitors with HDMI input.

7 Cheap Monitors with HDMI Inputs

1. HP 24MH FHD Monitor

HP 24MH FHD Monitor

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Let us introduce the best monitor, having all the best features related to working and is also significantly lower in price, which will not be heavy on your pocket and will keep your budget in line.

HP 24MH is the name of this monitor, manufactured by the world-famous company HP. 24MH monitor is loaded with multiple ports for the connectivity of this monitor with different display sources.

HDMI port is also among these ports, along with VGA and DisplayPort. HDMI port makes this monitor able to connect with many other video sources.

HP made this monitor in a 24-inch size for outstanding and brilliant visuals. The design of this monitor is ultra-slim, due to which the 23.8-inch screen from total size is useable for the display of images.

Its micro-edge display makes this monitor virtually bezel-less. The display quality of this monitor is FHD, with a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P.

Due to the IPS panel of this monitor, this monitor provides 178×178 degree-wide viewing angles, which is also accurate.

Additionally, a 75Hz faster screen refresh rate is more significant than an ordinary standard monitor. For the eyes’ comfort, its low blue light mode is available to reduce the immersion of blue light.

  • The ultra-slim adjustable display screen in less area.

  • Virtually borderless with 3-sided micro edges.

  • IPS screen having Full-HD display quality.

  • HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort for connectivity.

  • Built-in speakers and VESA compatible mounting.

  • USB ports are not provided.

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2. Acer SB220Q Monitor

Acer SB220Q Monitor

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At this time, if you are price-conscious, then nothing is better than the Acer SB220Q monitor. The price of this monitor is meager, up to an unbelievable level.

In parallel, if we see the features of this monitor, then we find that the features of this monitor are also equal to any standard best monitor. This combination of the best features and very low price is simply astonishing.

The size of this monitor is 22 inches, which can easily adjust at the top of any table, either in-home or office. HDMI port is also available on this monitor to increase the range of devices that can connect with this monitor.

To enhance the connectivity options of this monitor, a standard VGA port is also given by Acer on this monitor. The body of this monitor is also ultra-thin with a Zero frame, due to which the operation screen area of this monitor is 21.5 inches on which images are displayed.

The thickness of this monitor is just 0.24 inches (one-fourth of an inch). The panel type of this monitor is IPS for wider viewing angles and accurate colors. The display quality of this widescreen is Full-HD with a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P.

The screen refresh rate of this monitor is also greater than standard monitors, and it is 75Hz. The brightness level of this monitor is 250 nits which is not less than a very bright screen.

The viewing angles of this monitor are 178×178 degrees (HxV). This monitor also supports AMD Radeon FreeSync for a smooth and tear-free display.

  • High-performance Ultra-thin design monitor.

  • HDMI and VGA ports for connectivity.

  • IPS panel with Full-HD screen display.

  • AMD Radeon FreeSync supported monitor.

  • 75Hz screen refresh rate higher than standard.

  • Stand with tilt-only adjustment.

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3. Asus VE228H Monitor

Asus VE228H Monitor

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Here is a high-performance display monitor manufactured by Asus. V228H is a 22-inch display monitor, which is a diagonal display. The design of this monitor is also slim, while its screen is also vast.

Due to its slim design, borders are also very thin, and the 21.5-inch screen area becomes available for displaying images. This monitor is classical and elegant in its design.

The display quality of this monitor is Full-HD supporting a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P. This display quality and higher resolution are possible due to the HDMI connectivity option.

Other than HDMI, other ports are also available for the connectivity of video sources, including DVI-D and VGA ports. The panel type of this monitor is TFT LCD.

Other features of this monitor include its boasting performance with reliability and stability. There is another display technology supported by this monitor, known as Splendid Video Intelligence.

This technology enhances and improves many features of this monitor, including color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness of images.

Due to this technology, 6 different display modes become part of this monitor, and all are preset for other display options. These modes can switch by using the onboard monitor menu.

The contrast of this monitor is automatic gets enhanced when needed with the help of the Asus Smart contrast feature. For audio, a pair of stereo RMS speakers is also built-in.

  • Full-HD TFT display monitor for quality images.

  • Splendid Video Intelligence technology monitor.

  • Perfect viewing with different display modes.

  • HDMI, VGA, and DVI-D ports for connectivity.

  • Aspect control function for aspect ratio.

  • Viewing angels are not much wider.

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4. HP Pavilion 22CWA Monitor

HP Pavilion 22CWA monitor

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HP Pavilion 22CWA monitor is also part of this race in which low-price monitors with extended features participate. The price of this monitor is also meager, up to an unbelievable level.

The size of this monitor is also according to its competitors, and it is 22 inches in total size, from which a 21.5-inch screen area is used for displaying images.

The display of this monitor is also diagonal for high-quality images. Its micro-edge design of 3 sides makes this monitor suitable for multi-monitor environments.

Two types of connectivity ports are part of this monitor: HDMI and VGA ports. Its ultra-thin and sleek body profile gave this monitor a dynamic and modern look.

The display quality of this monitor is Full-HD supporting a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P. Due to its display quality, HP Pavilion 22CWA can produce 2 million pixels and gives crystal-clear graphics.

The panel type of this monitor is IPS, due to which wider viewing angles become possible on this monitor and 178×178 degree viewing angles become part of this monitor.

The response time of this panel is slightly higher than the standard, and it is 7ms. Its dynamic contrast ratio increases the picture quality of this monitor. If you want to use this monitor in sunlight, it is possible because there is an anti-glare coating on this IPS screen.

  • Excellent in display quality but lowest price.

  • Full-HD display with 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • The highest contrast ratio for clear display.

  • Open wedge contemporary design monitor.

  • VGA port and HDMI with HDCP support.

  • Response time is bit higher.

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5. AOC C24G1A Monitor

AOC C24G1A monitor

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AOC is a famous name in manufacturing high-quality display products, including monitors. Here is a unique display monitor that gives you the best quality images and the latest architecture in display monitors.

AOC C24G1A is a Full-HD curved monitor to improve your viewing experience. Similar to other monitors, the price of this monitor is also significantly less compared to its provided features.

The size of this monitor is 24 inches, and the design of this monitor is 3-sided frameless due to its ultra-narrow bezel. Due to this thin profile, a 23.6-inch screen is available for display.

The maximum screen resolution supported by this curved monitor is 1920x1080P, while its curvature is 1500R. All famous ports are part of this monitor, including dual HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort, and VGA ports.

This monitor’s display panel is VA-type, suitable for optimal viewing. This panel type also provides wider viewing angles of 178o. The higher screen refresh rate of 165Hz is part of this monitor, but it is possible via DisplayPort.

The color production of this monitor is also significantly higher because this monitor covers all famous color spaces. These color spaces include 119.76% sRGB and 88.29% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, a professional cinematic color gamut.

Due to this, the colors of this monitor look like real-life colors. The response time of this monitor is just 1 ms (MPRT). At the same time, AMD FreeSync is also supported by this monitor. Due to these features, this monitor is included in general-use monitors and gaming monitors.

  • High performance and economical monitor.

  • Best performance VA panel with wide angels.

  • Curved screen monitor with 1500R curvature.

  • Accurate movements with 165Hz refresh rate.

  • Dual HDMI, VGA, and Display port for connection.

  • A monitor without HDR support.

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6. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P monitor

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Here is another big and famous name in manufacturing best-quality display monitors: BenQ. The list of best monitors manufactured by BenQ is very long, and ZOWIE XL2411P is also included. XL2411P is a very economical monitor with high-quality features and a high-performance display.

This monitor is 24 inches, and its display quality is also FHD having a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P. This monitor can increase its performance with enhanced connectivity options, including a higher screen refresh rate.

DisplayPort, DVI-D, and HDMI ports are given on this monitor. This monitor’s maximum screen refresh rate is 144Hz which is only possible with a Dual-Link DVI-D port.

With the Color Vibrance feature of this monitor, you can add a preferred saturation level to separate the different objects from each other.

This is helpful to increase the clarity of the display. Additionally, with the help of the Black equalizer feature, darker areas of the screen can make it bright for equal uniformity of more colorful and darker areas.

The response time of this monitor is just 1 ms which makes this monitor very responsive and eliminates screen ghosting and lagging.

All these features, it is very clear that XL2411P is not a general-purpose monitor but a gaming monitor, and for its proof, customized gaming modes are part of this monitor.

  • Gaming performance monitor in low price.

  • A faster screen refresh rate of 144Hz.

  • Color vibrance and Black eQualizer technology.

  • Lowest response time of just 1ms (GTG).

  • Multiple connectivity ports including HDMI.

  • Black color uniformity is not perfect.

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7. Asus VS239H-P Monitor

Asus VS239H-P Monitor

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Now it’s time to come across a monitor which is also the best monitor having an HDMI port and is also very low in price and is also the last monitor of this article. This time again, Asus is providing this high-performance, low-cost monitor with the name VS239H-P.

This monitor is 23 inches in size and is a Full-HD display supporting a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P. The design of this monitor is classical and elegant, with a slim profile.

For the connection of video sources with this monitor, ports provided on the body of this monitor include HDMI, D-sub, and DVI. The DVI port of this monitor also supports HDCP to protect copying data.

This monitor type is also IPS, which is the ultimate choice among different panel types due to its wider viewing angles and accurate colors. This IPS panel can provide 178o viewing angles, horizontal and vertical.

Due to on-screen vibrance, image quality is get improved and becomes closer to real-life. Due to its splendid Video Intelligence technology, this monitor’s image quality is automatically optimized with brilliant color and brightness.

With the help of the Asus intelligent contrast ratio, the display’s sharpness is also increased because it increases the monitor’s contrast dynamically when and where needed.

  • Slim design, Full-HD display quality monitor.

  • AH-IPS display panel having 178o wider angels.

  • Multiple display modes including night view.

  • True-to-Life image quality with accurate colors.

  • HDMI, VGA, and DVI-D connectivity ports.

  • No cons.

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What is HDMI Port?

At a very simple level, the HDMI port is provided explicitly on display monitors to transfer audio and video data. The name of this port is also according to its functionality, and HDMI stands for “High Definition Multimedia Interface” which clearly describes its working.

This port is specially designed to transmit uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed audio data from the source to a display unit like a monitor or projector. With the help of this port, audio and video data can transfer by using a single cable from the source to the display unit.

Versions of HDMI

After the invention of HDMI ports, with constant research work and development, different versions of HDMI were released with upgraded features.

Following is the list of varying HDMI versions; every new version comes with extended features. The sequence of these versions in the following list ranges from the latest to the older.

1. HDMI 2.1

2. HDMI 2.0a

3. HDMI 2.0

4. HDMI 1.4

5. HDMI 1.3

6. HDMI 1.0

Other features of the best cheap monitor

After having an HDMI port on the body of a low-price monitor, the following are the other features that are desirable by a user to be present in the selected monitor.

  • Multiple ports availability for the connectivity of different video sources
  •  Wider and accurate viewing angels along with color accuracy
  •  Lowest response time for faster responsiveness
  •  Multiple adjustment options in the stand of the monitor for additional adjustments to the screen

Now we start the review of the best monitors which we select for this list due to their low price and multiple connectivity options, including an HDMI port.


At the end of this article, you must be able to select the best suitable monitor according to your requirements by keeping yourself within the boundaries of your limited budget. All the monitors we reviewed above are equipped with the latest features and reasonable display quality.

Latest display technologies are also part of these monitors, which increase your display experience without disturbing your pocket. The features of these monitors are sufficient to support your daily office use along with a basic level of gaming and good entertainment like watching your favorite film.

You can go for any of these without any problem. Stay connected and keeps commenting.

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