5 Best Printers With Parallel Ports In 2023

The latest printers come with a USB port, but before this replacement, the parallel port was a means of transferring data in printers. Printers with parallel ports first came into the market in the 1970s. The Centronics Data Computer Corporation was the founder of these printers. The masses used the best printers with parallel ports at that time to fulfill their printing needs, and still, some people like to use these printers. 

Most of the recent printers have only USB ports, so we did our research to sort out the best printer with parallel ports. These printers are better at printing large documents in a shorter time.

They are also capable of producing high-quality prints with low printing costs. We gathered these printers with the utmost care to protect you from any inconvenience in the future.

Top 5 Best Printers with Parallel Ports

So, without further delay, let’s look at the best printers with parallel ports to make an instant choice.

1- Epson LQ-2090II 24-pin Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LQ-2090II 24-pin Dot Matrix Printer

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Epson LQ-2090II is one of the finest Dot Matrix printers made by Epson. It is a durable printer that is perfect for day-to-day critical printing requirements. This wide format printer is made for demanding printing needs.

Compared to the modern printer, the Dot Matrix printers are considered outdated. They are more expensive as compared to other printers and need to be more capable of producing high-quality prints. But this printer is better for commercial and industrial purposes due to its outstanding features.

If you want to print receipts or other documents, it can help you get more prints instantly. Using a carbon copy strip, it can easily print multiple text documents.

Epson LQ-2090II can produce black and white prints very efficiently. The printing speed of the printer matters a lot. This printer can print up to 550 characters in one second. With high-volume prints, it becomes a reliable and efficient printer for industrial purposes.

This printer is a cost-efficient device. The 8 million-character ribbon cartridge reduces the cost of each page’s printing.

The printer’s control panel makes it easy for everyone to set up this device without effort. So, if you are a person who wants a printer that is easy to set up, this machine is the best choice for you.

It comes with parallel and USB ports for convenient connectivity. Connect your computer instantly through these ports with the printer to get the prints you need.

The media types it supports are labels, continuous paper, cut sheets, and prints on different media sizes. You can use Envelope No.10, Envelope No.6, 4 x 22 inches, and 3.90 x 16.50 inches of paper for printing.

This printer comes with a three years limited warranty. This warranty is more than other printers mainly offer. Its approximate weight is 20.70 lb, so it’s a bulkier printer.

  • 550 cps print speed.

  • Parallel port and USB.

  • Prints speedily.

  • 3 years limited warranty.

  • It’s a bit heavy.

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2- Brother HL-5170DN Network Laser Printer

Brother HL-5170DN Network Laser Printer

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Brother HL-5170DN is an incredible laser printer with outstanding features. If you want high-quality text and photos, this printer is better at fulfilling your demands for fabulous printing.

The HQ 1200 technology of Brother enhances the quality of texts and graphics to provide perfect printouts. The printer’s resolution is 2400 x 600 dpi, which makes the printer capable of printing crisp and sharp text and photos.

Auto duplex printing enables you to print more documents without extra effort and waiting. It automatically prints the two sides of the paper to keep you relaxed in your routine printing tasks.

The input tray has 250 sheets capacity that releases the tension of putting sheets repeatedly when you’re busy doing a bulk of different tasks. It also has a 50-sheet multi-purpose tray that conveniently supports different papers.

All those who want to buy a printer that can print on various paper sizes and textures will be glad to know that their search is coming to an end here. This printer can handle different sorts of paper very quickly.

It can print on legal, executive, letter, A6, A5, A4, and B6. The types of papers it can deal with are envelopes, plain paper, labels, transparencies, and card stock. So, it allows you to experience different sizes and styles of papers to expand your business.

For connecting devices, it comes with valuable ports. Connect your computer to this printer easily via USB, parallel, or Ethernet ports.

With an automatic interface switching feature, there is no need to make any changes in the printer settings when changing the printing source. It also supports many network protocols.

If we talk about its energy consumption, it usually utilizes 460 watts of power when working while using 75 watts of power when in sleep mode. It is compatible with all operating systems, so connecting it to any computer is not difficult.

  • 250-sheet input tray capacity.

  • Automatic duplex printing.

  • Prints 21 pages per minute.

  • Supports different sizes and types of papers.

  • Comes with a limited warranty.

  • A bit pricey.

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3- Lexmark 35S0060 MS310 MS312DN Laser Printer

Lexmark 35S0060 MS310 MS312DN Laser Printer

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Here is a better option if you search for a monochrome printer that can print text documents outstandingly. Lexmark 35S0060 MS310 is a perfect laser printer to produce great prints for your small office.

If you have to print more documents routinely, a printer with fast speed can work well. This printer is quick enough to handle more bulk of printings conveniently.

Printing up to 35 pages in one minute makes you relax so that you can rapidly get done with large printings. And the first page prints in very little time. Within 6.5 seconds, you’ll get the first printout.

A two-line APA display is available for monitoring the functioning of the device. The AirPrint option allows Apple users to print conveniently through their mobile phones or tablets.

It can easily handle large and complex text documents due to its 800 MHz dual-core processor and memory of 128 MB.

You would like a printer with a more input capacity tray. This printer features an optional second tray for increasing the overall capacity of the device. With an optional tray, the capacity can increase up to 850 sheets. This feature will protect you from refilling the tray repeatedly.

If we look at the overall output of the printer, it can print up to 2500 pages per month. This per-month cycle makes it a better option for people with frequent printing tasks daily. Moreover, you’ll not face any hassles with the maintenance of this machine.

The connectivity options of this device include USB, Ethernet, and parallel. So, connect your computer conveniently to print any text you need. Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows and Mac both.

The printer’s resolution counts greatly when we need crisp and sharp printings. It has a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution that makes it more efficient.

  • Prints 35 pages per minute.

  • AirPrint is available.

  • Faster network connectivity.

  • Better printing quality.

  • Expensive toner.

  • No wireless connectivity.  

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4- Zebra – GC420t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

Zebra - GC420t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

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The people searching for a small-sized printer that is easy to carry and store will be glad to see this one. It is a lightweight printer that works efficiently and speedily.

You can print various items, including tags, barcodes, wristbands, and receipts. This printer is capable of printing black and white prints to its fullest.

The connectivity options are always essential when buying a new printer because they will save you from inconvenience. This printer has Serial, Parallel, and USB ports for instant connectivity.

One thing about which every printer user is always concerned is the ink cost, but the users of this printer will be pleased with its printing cost. Let me explain that its printing cost is almost nothing, which must be surprising for you.

Like other printers, it doesn’t use ergo, ink, or toner; instead, it uses thermal technology. In this technology, the printer uses a wax or resin ribbon for printing that doesn’t put any burden of printing costs on the users.

Following the size of the printer, it can print small size papers. The maximum width of paper that it can easily handle is 4.25 inches. So, if you want to print papers less than 5 inches, it perfectly matches your printing needs.

The printing speed of this machine is decent. It can print up to 4 inches in one second without any issue. With this speed, it can finish your printing tasks fastly, and you can focus on other routine business activities.

When it comes to printer usage, it is convenient. No extra effort is required to set it up. Its price is also affordable, so anyone who wants a better printing device can adjust it within their budget.

This device is a better printing machine; it is not what the zebra company claims, but they have proved it by testing and certifying it. The zebra engineers tested these printers to present an outstanding product to the users. It reduces printing hassles and provides instant prints.

  • Prints 4 inches in one second. 

  • Parallel, USB, and serial for faster connectivity.

  • Light-weight and compact.

  • Better printing quality.

  • Not fit for large size papers.

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5- HP Laserjet 2300d USB/Parallel Monochrome Laser Printer

HP Laserjet 2300d USB/Parallel Monochrome Laser Printer

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HP Laserjet 2300d is a monochrome laser printer that works efficiently and looks good on your office table. This monochrome printer is available in a light grey colour, which looks beautiful.

It weighs 9 pounds, which you can carry easily. This printer will fulfill your requirement if you want great black-and-white prints. 

The printing quality of the printer depends upon its resolution. If you want to get high-quality prints, look at its resolution. The resolution of this printer is 1200 x 1200 dpi. This resolution is perfect for getting great prints. Moreover, it doesn’t use more toner as compared to other printers.

Regarding the connectivity options of this printer, it provides USB and parallel ports. So, connect your computer conveniently and start printing your required documents. 

The printing speed of HP Laserjet 2300d is quite impressive. For letter size, it can print up to 25 pages per minute, while for A4 size, its printing speed is 24 pages per minute. With this printing speed, you can quickly get large amounts of prints in a short time.

The built-in duplex printing facility is also provided in this easy-to-use printer. So, you can quickly reduce the cost of printing because duplex printing will save the pages.

You can quickly put different papers in its input paper tray because it is a multi-purpose tray with 100 sheets capacity. Put the sheets once and enjoy more printings without requiring frequent refills. 

  • Built-in duplex printing.

  • 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution.

  • Fast printing speed.

  • 100-sheet input tray.

  • Lacks touchscreen.

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No doubt, nowadays, parallel ports have been replaced by USB ports, and the trend is also changing and going toward wireless connectivity. But still, some old machine lovers and enthusiasts look for the best printers with parallel ports, so here we have presented some of the better options.

We did our best to bring the perfect printers with parallel ports that will help you to make a choice quickly. These printers are not new models, which is why they lack modern features, but they are perfect for those users who are still using older ways of printing and are ok with it.

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