5 Best Pigment Ink Printers In 2023

Two types of ink are available for printers, i.e., Pigment ink and Dye ink. Pigment ink is lighter in color as compared to Dye. Pigment ink is water-resistant, and it prints solid black color. When pigment ink printings are exposed to UV light, it holds the quality, color, and better vibrancy than Dye. So, if you are thinking of buying the best pigment ink printers, that’s a good decision.

Pigment ink is better because it consists of tiny particles of color material rather than paper staining dyes. These small particles sit on the paper without being absorbed, which is what happens with dyes. Pigment ink makes the photo or document long-lasting and gives better color stability.

Top 5 Best Pigment Ink Printers

Pigment ink is used by those users who want to last their documents and photos for a long time without fading away. To get the full benefit of the pigment ink, we have discussed some of the best color printers for you.

1- Epson SureColor P600

Epson SureColor P600 printer

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The SureColor p600 is one of the best printers for photographers. It is well-built and very easy and simple to use. This printer can produce quality prints that you will be impressed with.

The print quality of the Epson SureColor P600 is outstanding. It prints highly sharp and high-resolution photos up to 5760 x 1440 DPI. The printed photographs are crisp, strong, and bright.

Epson p600 supports various paper size ranges, including roll paper (maximum 13 inches), fine art paper, glossy paper, CD/DVDs, etc.

Epson p600 is specially designed for enthusiasts and professional photographers. When it comes to popular photo sizes, it prints up to 13 inches wide and is border-free. It produces up to A3+ (329 x 483 mm) prints.

8 color ink cartridges that use Ultrachrome premium HD inks. Color inks are yellow, light, vivid magenta, Cyan, vivid magenta, light Cyan, light black, matte black, and photo black.

3.5 inches tilting LCD touchscreen enables you to adjust the settings easily. The Color touchscreen ensures a convenient and smooth use of the touch interface.

Epson p600 comes with 25.9 ml of high-capacity ink cartridges with ink-saving mode. It has an advanced black-and-white printing mode using 3 levels of black technology to print impeccable black-and-white output.

Epson p600 has a 6 PPM of maximum speed. The printed photos last for years. This printer has impressive wireless connectivity, including automatic duplexing, wireless mobile print, AirPrint, Google Cloud, Epson iPrint, wi-fi direct, and Ethernet.

  • Stunning black and white images.

  • Good touch screen.

  • Great wi-fi connectivity.

  • Easy and simple to use.

  • Large footprint.

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2- Canon Pixma IX6820

Canon Pixma IX6820 printer

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The Pixma iX6820 has an unbelievable color resolution of 9600 x 2400 DPI and 600 x 600 DPI (black). This resolution gives the best-detailed photo and document prints. Its printing speed is up to 14.5 IPM (black) and 1.4 IPM (color).

Canon Pixma is equipped with a high-performance five-ink cartridges system. One of these cartridges consists of a pigment of black ink to print some extraordinary texts. The (PPS) Pixma printing solution app allows you to print directly from your mobile phone.

Canon Pixma has 6.3 inches in height, 23.0 inches in width, 12.0 inches in depth, and 17.9 lbs (8.1 kg).
You can edit, organize, and add filters using Image Garden software. It has a very easy and basic interface to use, and anyone with basic computer skills can access the built-in tools.

Canon Pixma has no built-in display screen. But it has three buttons: power, cancel or resume, and wireless. Epson has designed an integrated LED system for the ink cartridges so that users can know when to replace the ink.

It has a sound cartridge system. The color cartridge makes this printer unique as the user has to replace only the color when it is finished. Moreover, it also allows the user to use third-party cartridges.

Connectivity options in this printer are Apple AirPrint, wi-fi via the router, USB, and Ethernet. Unfortunately, it does not have wi-fi direct and Bluetooth options. Also, it has no scanner to scan the documents.

This printer prints in various sizes, i-e, Letter (8.5 x 11), Legal (8.5 x 14), Tabloid (1 x 17), A5 (148 mm x 210 mm), A4 (210 mm x 297 mm), photo (4 x 6), and Photo (5 x 7).

  • Decent colors.

  • Excellent print quality.

  • Inexpensive.

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

  • No duplexer printing. 

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3- Canon IP8720

Canon IP8720 printer

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Canon IP8720 has a superior resolution of 9600 x 2400 maximum color DPI that prints high quality and more details in your documents and photos. Canon IP8720 features complete photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering (FINE). Also, with a protected print head firing ink droplets as tiny as 1pl.

Canon is equipped with six individual ink cartridges. These cartridges give a high-quality performance and also include gray ink. This printer provides phenomenal details in black, white, and colored pictures. Canon IP8720 has pigment-based black ink that prints beautiful texts.

Canon IP8720 prints a beautiful borderless 4” x 6” photo in 36 seconds. It comes with Pixma Printing Solution (PPS). You get the facility to print documents and photos from your smartphone by using the Free PPS application.

It has the convenient feature of Auto Power On. With this feature, the printer automatically powers up when you send the request to print the photo or document. AirPrint option is also available. You can print effortlessly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The best wireless connectivity options are available. You can print wirelessly from any wi-fi-enabled device. Cloud Google print allows you to print from Google docs, Gmail, etc. With this feature, you can print from anywhere.

Canon IP8720 provides fast printing with a speed of 14.5 images per minute (IPM) for black and 10.4 images per minute for other colors. My image garden is also available, with which you can add special filters, organize a calendar, automatic layout, and much more.

Now the user can also enjoy the ability to print through CDs and DVDs. The best feature of this printer is that it prints very quietly without disturbing the people sitting around you.

  • Prints on an optical disk.

  • Six ink cartridge system.

  • Large print size up to 13 x 19 inches.

  • Availability of Wi-Fi.

  • No SD card and USB slot.

  • No display.

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4- Canon Pixma Pro 10

Canon Pixma Pro 10 printer

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The Canon Pixma Pro 10 is an award-winning and one of the best pigment ink printers available. Canon Pro 10 is designed for regular use and professional photo printing. It can print images up to 13 x 19 inches.

Canon Pro 10 is designed with ten pigment-based ink with three colors for black only. As a result, it prints amazing monochrome and superior-quality photos with a 4800 x 2400 DPI resolution.

On average, it can print borderless full-size A4 photos in three minutes, which is slow but produces high-quality outputs. Also, it comes with complete photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering (FINE) and a Chroma optimizer that adds uniform glossiness.

Canon comes with a wide color gamut and thick blacks for the gratification of professionals. The chroma diminishes the bronzing effect on monochrome pictures, while FINE technology empowers the printer to print with microscopic droplets.

Canon conveys up to 4800 dpi resolution for high-definition and grainless photographs. A3+ display quality shading and a high contrast print are currently simple to print.

The connectivity options are very versatile, as you can connect through Wi-Fi. It is also compatible with AirPrint and provides printing without a computer. Print photos directly from your phone and tablet using Canon Easy photo print.

It is equipped with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity to locate the printer anywhere. Canon Pixma Pro 10 is perfect for home-based photographers and small studios.

Pixma Pro accompanies ten ink cartridges framework and produces professional prints of sizes from 10 x 15 cm up to A3+ and even 35 cm (14″) wide. It is best for photographers who create exhibition prints or sell gallery-quality photos.

  • Excellent text quality.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Good connectivity.

  • Ten ink cartridges.

  • Slow speed.

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5- Epson stylus photo R2000

Epson stylus photo R2000 printer

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Epson Stylus Photo R2000 consists of two paper feeds. The top cassette can hold A3+, A3, A4, or a paper that has no issues fitting 20 A3 papers or 40 A4 sheets. Another feed is used for a single sheet of fine art paper. Epson Stylus Photo uses industry-leading pigment ink technology.

It has the UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 pigment ink for bright, colorful, and vibrant prints. Epson R2000 is 24.5 inches in width, 12.8 inches in depth, and 8.6 inches in height. Its weight is 27.5 pounds.

The Epson Stylus Photo R2000 highlights a momentous 8-shading color ink set that conveys the exceptional print quality you can share for a lifetime. Epson Stylus Photo uses High Gloss technology that shines.

The High gleam Microcrystal Encapsulated inks incorporate moment dry properties and quick shading to guarantee authentic prints. Moreover, auto-choosing photographs and Matte dark inks convey the most profound blacks and boldest hues on matte and photographic media.

Epson Stylus Photo has the ink capacity for up to 50% more prints. It offers genuine expert productivity with a bigger limit ink cartridge that can create more prints between cartridge changes.

This printer ensures less downtime and improved productivity. Each shading has its cartridge, so you supplant just the one you need. Epson Stylus Photo accompanies progress connectivity features that empower you to pick the setup that suits your requirements.

Use the built-in 100 Mbit Ethernet for wired networking or the latest WiFi certified 802.11n technology for the fastest wireless connectivity. If you prefer a direct connection, the Epson Stylus also offers high-speed USB 2.0.

With this sort of flexibility, you have the serenity that you can print from any place when required. It can print border-free photos from 4×6 to 13×19 infamous photo and paper sizes, including 12×12.

  • Wireless connection.

  • High-quality printing.

  • Up to A3+ sizes.

  • Roll paper support.

  • No display.

  • No SD card slot.

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Buyer’s Guide For Pigment Ink Printers:

To purchase a pigment ink printer, you have to check the quality of the printer and its longevity. When buying a pigment ink printer, you must consider the following factors.

Size of ink drops:

There has been a fight going on for years between Epson and Canon over the thinnest ink drops. But the Epson has the lead as it has the most delicate of 3.5 picoliters while canon has the 4. However, it is a slight difference so that you can buy any of them according to your printing needs.


Dots per inch (DPI) dramatically affects the printer and enhances the print’s quality. Generally, a higher number of DPI means more excellent print resolution. For best-quality prints, you must buy a higher DPI printer. Otherwise, the print quality will bother you later on.

Ink cartridges:

Printers used in offices typically have four ink cartridge colors, CMYK. While photographers print with a variety of shades, so they have to buy a printer with more ink cartridges.

The cartridge color ranges from 1 to 12, depending on your needs and which suits you. Your choice of good colors should be a 6,8,10, or 12 ink cartridge system.


Pigment printers are great for printing high-quality stuff. It is a necessary tool for professional photography as well as numerous businesses. You have various printing options as they print posters, flyers, and leaflets.

These printers are not so cheap; that’s why we are providing you with some of the best pigment ink printers. We have added high-end and budget printers so everyone can buy a printer according to their budget. We hope you will like these printers.

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