7 Best Monitors For Watching Movies – 2023

Computer devices are not just used for work, but they are also used for entertainment. Best monitors for watching movies; that’s why a computer user remains very conscious of the selection of different components of the computer system and always tries to get these things which can be beneficial for that user in multiple ways.

The same is the case with the display monitor. Users always seek a monitor they can use for daily office work and entertainment, including playing their favorite computer game or watching their favorite movie.

Best Monitors For Watching Movies

Let’s start reviewing the best monitors for watching movies.

1. LG 34WK650-W

LG 34WK650-W monitor

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To complete your entertainment experience, LG 34WK650-W is the ultimate monitor. For the cinematic look of your favorite film, while sitting in your room, this 34-inch monitor is enough.

LG designed this monitor with an attractive look, and its stand design differs from routine. The Tilt angle range of this monitor is from 5 to 15 degrees.

The display quality of this monitor is Full HD, but the maximum supported screen resolution is higher than the standard FHD displays.

The maximum screen resolution of this monitor is 2560x1080P which changes the display of this monitor. With this resolution, you can use this monitor to watch movies and read books comfortably.

The IPS panel of this monitor provides wider viewing angles with accurate colors. Additionally, its higher aspect ratio makes it wider by making more space for the screen available for the display.

The supported aspect ratio of this monitor is 21:9, which, along with higher resolution, provides 33% more screen display space.

Coloring is also higher in this monitor because it covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut and entertains you with a colorful display of your favorite movie. Color mode conversion between sRGB and Adobe RGB is available on this monitor.

For a tear-free screen and brighter colors, AMD FreeSync and HDR 10 are also supported by this monitor. The black stabilizer feature of this monitor balances the screen’s brighter and darker areas of the screen for good quality display.

  • Full HD monitor for watching movies.

  • The greater aspect ratio for more space.

  • AMD Free Sync and HDR10 supported.

  • Maximum coverage of sRGB color space.

  • Split-screen feature for Multiple displays.

  • Stand without height adjustment.

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VIOTEK NV32Q monitor

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Viotek NV32Q monitor is 32-inch in size, and the display quality of this monitor is a superclass. The Ultra HD display of this monitor is truly 4k by having a maximum screen resolution of 3840x2160P.

The design of this monitor is attractive with a curved screen because the curved screen can provide a better display than a flat screen.

After all, its curving edges towards the inside keep the view of a user towards every inch of the screen. The curving angle or curvature of this curved screen is 1500R, which is a moderating curving angle for this screen of 32 inches. The screen refresh rate of this high-quality monitor is standard 60Hz.

The panel type of this monitor is VA (Vertical Align), a mixture of the best features of IPS and TN screen panels. The response time of this monitor is just 4ms, which is a slower response time of display monitors and helps prevent screen ghosting if there is any faster movement while watching your favorite movie.

AMD FreeSync technology makes this gaming and movie monitor tear-free by synchronizing the monitor’s frame rate with the display adapter’s frame rate.

In simple words, it is a streaming-ready monitor with more bright and accurate colors with the help of HDR technology support. For the attachment of multiple different video sources, HDMI and Displayport are part of this monitor’s body.

  • Large size Ultra-HD 4k monitor.

  • High performance curved screen.

  • FreeSync and HDR-ready display.

  • 60Hz screen refresh rate VA panel.

  • Very responsive with 4ms response time.

  • Screen brightness is a bit low.

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PHILIPS 276E9QDSB monitor

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Philips is considered the leader in manufacturing high-class display monitors, and this 276E9QDSB is one of these. It is a beautiful, stylish design monitor with stunning colors that entirely change your viewing experience.

This monitor of Philips is 27-inch in size and is Full HD in display quality. The borders of this monitor are narrow in size to maximize the screen area for display. Such types of borders make this monitor able to use in multi-monitor setups.

The panel type of this monitor is IPS, which is installed for wider viewing angles and accurate colors because In-Plane Switching panels are perfect for viewing angels from any side. Due to this type of panel, the viewing angles of this monitor are 178/178 degrees.

This monitor is loaded with Philips Ultra Wide-Color technology which makes the colors of this monitor more accurate and close to real-life colors. Due to this technology, 276E9QDSB can cover sRGB color space up to 124% and 93% of the NTSC color gamut.

Due to this, millions of colors are produced by this monitor, with real-life green and deeper red colors. This monitor also supports AMD FreeSync for a smooth display without tearing off the screen.

The screen of this monitor is flicker-free for the protection of the user’s eye, along with a low blue light mode which reduces the harmful blue light of this screen.

  • Attractive design for high-performance.

  • Full-HD frameless monitor with FreeSync.

  • 124% coverage of sRGB color space.

  • A higher screen refresh rate of 75Hz.

  • IPS panel with 250 nits brightness level.

  • Built-in speakers are not present.

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If you want a monitor that fulfills your desire for entertainment and productive work, then Samsung has a model that is ideally suited for you, and this is an LC27f398 monitor.

It is a 27-inch curved monitor that the company manufactures for users with all types of care, including eye care. Its curved screen is for an immersive viewing experience with a curvature of 1800R.

You must go for this monitor if you want a big, broader, panoramic view of your work and favorite film. The design of this monitor is ultra-slim with just half-an-inch thickness. The screen refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz, while the response time of this monitor is also very rapid and is just 4ms.

This monitor’s display is prominent and color full because it covers 72% of NTSC color space, and the brightness level of this monitor is 200 nits. The picture quality of this monitor is also enhanced due to the Active Crystal Color technology of Samsung, which is used in this monitor.

The static contrast ratio of this monitor is 3000:1, which is also excellent and is another reason for the brighter and clear picture quality. This monitor for enhanced gaming and movie experience also supports AMD FreeSync.

Another added feature of this monitor is its eye-saver mode which reduces the emission of blue light and flickers. You can easily switch to this mode by touching a button. Due to the Eco-Saving Plus feature of this display, the screen brightness can automatically reduce the saving of power.

  • The best monitor for productivity with care.

  • Viewing experience with the curved screen.

  • Ultra-slim monitor only 0.5 inches thick.

  • With a higher contrast ratio of 3000:1.

  • The eco-Saving brightness control feature.

  • Stand without height adjustment.

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5. DELL S2721QS

DELL S2721QS monitor

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Dell is not behind any other company in manufacturing high-quality, high-performance display monitors. S2721QS is one of the competitors’ best monitors, having an Ultra-HD 4k display.

The maximum screen resolution supported by this monitor is 3840x2160P which is a perfect and accurate 4k screen resolution.

The body design of this monitor is slim and attractive. The bezel of this monitor is ultra-thin on three sides, making this valuable monitor in multi-monitor setups where required. Due to 4k quality, this monitor’s display is extra clear and fine with all details.

The IPS panel of this monitor makes the display of this monitor perfect in broader viewing angles without any problem. The color accuracy of this monitor is maximum due to its high-performance panel type.

Color production is also very high because this monitor covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut and produces millions of colors.

With HDR technology, this monitor’s display becomes more apparent, and the color of this monitor feels like the actual life colors.

With the help of AMD FreeSync, the screen tearing of this monitor is prevented for a smoother display. This monitor is also full multimedia because dual speakers are built-in, and each speaker is 3W.

  • UHD 4k monitor is moderate size.

  • Elegant design with an ultra-thin bezel.

  • AMD FreeSync for tear-free screen.

  • HRD support for more clear display.

  • Multiple options for screen adjustment.

  • Bit dark halo effect on sides of the screen.

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ASUS TUF VG27AQ monitor

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If you are searching for a monitor that gives you a highly detailed display, then Tuf VG27AQ is the perfect monitor for you from Asus. Asus has its name for the manufacturing of high-quality display monitors. The size of this monitor is 27 inches, which is ideal for any spacing.

This monitor comes with widescreen and QHD display quality, collectively referred to as a WQHD display monitor. The maximum screen resolution supported by this monitor is 2560x1440P which is 77% more spacious than the FHD screen resolution.

Due to the IPS, this monitor’s panel-type viewing angles are 178/178 (HxV) degrees wider and are also accurate from any viewing point.

IPS technology of monitor panels is responsible for providing superb image quality with full, accurate colors. The static contrast ratio of this monitor is 1000:1 for the transparent display, while the coverage of sRGB color space by this monitor is 99%.

The screen refresh rate of this monitor is 165Hz which is extremely high and provides a full-motion display without any blur.

The performance of this monitor is extraordinarily high because NVIDIA G-SYNC and ELMB (EXTREME LOW MOTION BLUR) SYNC are both supported by this monitor for sharper images at high frame rates.

Multi HDR and shadow boost technologies are also supported by this monitor, while the vast array of connectivity ports is part of this monitor.

  • 27-inch Widescreen QHD display quality.

  • Higher screen refresh rate up to 165Hz.

  • With 1ms response time highly responsive.

  • NVIDIA G-SYNC supported monitor.

  • Gaming standard monitor for full entertainment.

  • Black color uniformity is below average.

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ASUS PA278QV monitor

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ProArt 278QV is another excellent display monitor from Asus. The size of this monitor is also 27 inches, and the screen of this monitor is also vast. The price of this monitor is more affordable as compared to these monitors, which have the same features.

This monitor’s display is Quad-HD with a maximum screen resolution of 2560x1440P. Due to its widescreen and QHD display quality, this monitor is called a WQHD display monitor.

The design of this monitor is also frameless to make maximum screen area available for picture display. Suppose you want a monitor that genuinely exposes your creativity, then Asus PA278QV is built for you.

The IPS panel of this monitor covers the maximum percentage of international color gamut, including 100% of sRGB and 100% of Rec. 709.

The factory calibration of this monitor is excellent, with color accuracy of Delta E <2. Colors of this monitor are true colors, while its Presets are pre-configured to provide multiple modes for the quick adjustment of the color gamut.

You can customize your display with a wide range of parameters provided by this great monitor. These parameters include hue, temperature, and gamma adjustments.

Multiple sizing options are also available on this monitor, which includes A4. B5 Rule and Align to the grid. For the user’s eye protection, a flicker-free screen and Low Blue light options are available, which can easily be accessed through an on-screen menu and hotkeys.

Asus also provides a variety of connectivity ports on this monitor for maximum connectivity of different display sources.

  • Rich features, moderate size monitor.

  • IPS widescreen with QHD display quality.

  • Maximum coverage of famous color gamut.

  • Multiple parameters for color adjustment.

  • Different ports for different video sources.

  • Contrast ratio of this monitor is a bit lower.

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Features Of The Best Monitors For Watching Movies

A big-size monitor doesn’t need to be best for watching movies. However, a monitor of less than 27-inch size is not suitable for watching high-quality HD movies, especially for detailed views. Display quality is the first and most important feature required for the best movie monitors.

Display Quality

The display quality is essential for these monitors, which watch movies or play games. Minimum Full HD display quality is required, while QHD or UHD display quality is recommended. A big-size monitor with 4k display quality is unmatchable for the extreme experience of watching movies.

Adaptive Sync and HDR

Any adaptive sync, including AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-SYNC, is also a better option for these monitors for a smooth and tear-free display screen which increases your entertainment level.

Panel Technology and Screen Resolution

Panel technology is another essential factor in the quality of the display. IPS panel technology is considered best for these monitors, which are required for high-performance and high-quality work, especially for wider viewing angles and accurate colors.

Similarly, as a maximum as high resolution is supported by the monitor, display quality with more screen area will be possible for a detailed view.


Watching your favorite movie is the final step at the end of the hectic working day. Entertaining yourself is like fueling yourself for the upcoming work of the next day. That’s why the best monitor is included in the requirement list of entertainment along with your favorite film or game.

The above-described monitors are the best monitors which must increase your entertainment experience. These are different in price as well in size also, along with different other features.

One of these must be suited for your entertainment along with your work. Keep in touch with your comments.

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