8 Best Internal Blu Ray Drive In 2023

Storage is one of the compulsory parts of the computer system and essential as well. Whatever work is done on a computer by a user must require to store for permanent use; otherwise, that can be removed from the volatile memory of the computer. Storages used in computers are of different types, including Tape storage, Magnetic disk storage, and optical storage. Blu-Ray is the part of optical storage for which we will discuss the best Internal Blu Ray Drive.

Top 8 Best Internal Blu Ray Drive

1. ASUS Blu-Ray Writer BW-16D1HT

ASUS Blu-Ray Writer BW-16D1HT

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ASUS makes the first Blu-Ray drive on today’s list, and its model name is BW-16D1HT. It is a combo drive that can read and write CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. It is an internal burner that can use to fix a PC.

Asus Blu-Ray writer can write a Blu-Ray disk with a very high speed of 16X which means you can write GBs of data on a Blu-Ray disk within very few minutes. The Blu-Ray disks and this burner can also write DVDs at equal speeds.

Along with single-layer disks, double-layer disks can also register at a 12X rate. This internal Blu-Ray burner has the latest technology features, including M-Disc and BD-R XL disk, which can be sized up to 128GB. Along with these, the latest emerging video technologies are also supported by this burner.

Among these, Magic Cinema technology and Blu-Ray 3D support are included. The connectivity interface of this burner with the PC is the SATA connector. In this burner, OTS technology is used, which adjusts the laser according to the used medium, giving the maximum best result.

On the other hand, E-Green functionality is integrated with this burner, bringing the drive-in standby mode after 2 minutes if not used.

  • OTS (Optimal Tuning Strategy) enabled.

  • 16x Blu-Ray disk writing speed.

  • Energy efficient with E-Green technology mode.

  • Capable of data encryption.

  • M-Disk and BD-R XL supported.

  • No cons.

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2. Pioneer Electronics BDR-212UBK

Pioneer Electronics BDR-212UBK

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BDR-212UBK is a Blu-Ray burner that can read these types of disks and also can write data on these Blu-Ray disks. This burner can write BD-R (QL, TL, DL, and SL) and BR-RE disks. Pioneer’s burner can use a blank disk of 128GB capacity.

The writing speed of this Blu-Ray burner is 16X for burning Blu-Ray discs and DVDs. The functionality of this burner is very silent, and no annoying noise is produced. Other optical media types, including CDs, are also supported by this for reading and writing data.

In the case of CDs, burning also does not occur. Pioneer provides a SATA interface on this burner to connect with the PC. Due to this high-speed interface, the data transfer speed of this burner is also breakneck.

The improved dust protection system is also part of this burner to protect it from dust, due to which the performance of the unit is getting decreased and can even damage the burning lens of this drive. This drive is heavier than other burners and has a 3kh body weight which is severe.

  • BD-R and BD-RE supported drive.

  • Handel 128GB Blu-Ray Blanks.

  • 16X writing speed for Blu-Ray disks.

  • An improved Dust Protection system.

  • Double-layer BD media supported.

  • Higher in weight.

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3. LG WH14NS40 SATA Blu-Ray Internal Rewriter

LG WH14NS40 SATA Blu-Ray Internal Rewriter

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This model of LG Blu-Ray Internal re-writer is versatile. This burner supports the full range of optical disks. From Blu-Ray disks to simple CDs, all-optical media can be used for reading and writing data.

An extra feature of this re-writer is data security which is not provided in many other drives. For the best performance of this re-writer, the SATA interface is compulsory for high-speed data transfer.

In terms of performance, this burner’s writing speed is up to 14X for writing BD-R disks. LG WH14NS40 also supports M-Disc, enabling us to write larger Blu-Ray disks.

Movie disks can also be played using this drive, along with better playback software and necessary equipment. This re-writer also can convert 2D playback into 3D if you have all other prerequisites. By using this Blu-Ray drive, you can change and enhance your movie experience.

  • Super-Multi drive for all-optical disks.

  • BD-R writing speed up to 14x.

  • Buffer memory of 4MB is available.

  • High-speed data transfer using SATA interface.

  • M-Disk supported.

  • No software to support.

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4. Panasonic UJ-272 for laptop

Panasonic UJ-272 for laptop

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Panasonic UJ-272 is the Blu-Ray burner included in our list of best drives for laptops. This burner is compatible with all most all laptops, that’s why this burner can get a place in this list.

Panasonic UJ-272 comes with a SATA interface for connectivity. The size of this drive is 9.5mm, so this is an ideal choice for all these laptops with the same-sized drives.

Due to its SATA interface and perfect size, this drive can fit where applied. BD-R XL disks, sized up to 128GB, are also supported by this burner. Similar to large size, BD-RE (Erasable-Writable) disks can also be used in this burner.

  • Compatible with all laptops.

  • 9.5mm SATA interface.

  • 128GB sized disk supported.

  • Mac OS X supported drive.

  • Compatible with the oldest Windows Operating System.

  • Slower write speed.

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5. LG WH16NS40 Super Multi Blue

LG WH16NS40 Super Multi Blue

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LG WH16NS40 is a genuinely all-purpose burner with exciting improvements. This Blu-Ray disk rewriter is famous for providing multiple top-class functions which changed the user’s way of reading and writing data from optical disk media.

For this high-class burner, only graded media is recommended, not the blanks. That’s why high-quality silver disks are advised to use with this burner.

Like all other top-rated burners, the connectivity interface of this drive with the computer is also the SATA connector because it is the fastest interface for data transfer.

This drive can install in a 5.25-inch drive bay. Regarding the speed of this burner, the read speed of Blu-Ray disks is 12X; DVDs can read at 16X speed while 48X Read speed is possible for CDs.

But the write speed of Blu-Ray disks is 16X for the Single layer. Double-layer Blu-Ray write speed can be up to 12X, and BD-RE (Re-Writeable) disks can go up to 8X.

  • 16x Blu-Ray disk writing speed.

  • Silent play technology.

  • Playback speed automatically adjusted.

  • All types of optical disks supported.

  • 2D to 3D conversion.

  • 4K Blu-Ray movies not supported.

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6. Archgon MD-3102S-U3

Archgon MD-3102S-U3

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Archon MD-3102S-U3 is one of the best Blu-Ray drives. It is the slimmest and most lightweight Blu-Ray burner which can be used on PCs. It is among the best products of the same type. The body of this burner is built with metal, making it more attractive. The body weight of this drive is less than a pound.

A variation that is given on this drive is available USB ports. The USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 options are available on this drive, and a user can go for any of these according to their system. This drive is like a hybrid in use because it can use internally and externally due to the availability of a USB port.

The output of this drive is also higher, and all types of optical disks can use with this burner. The maximum read-write speed of this drive for Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD is up to 8X.

  • Slim, sleek and lightweight body.

  • Body case made of metal.

  • USB 3.0 connectivity option.

  • Plug and Play drive.

  • All-optical disks supported.

  • Not compatible with Linux.

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7. Pioneer BDR-2209

Pioneer BDR-2209

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Pioneer BDR-2209 is another best high-speed Blu-Ray burners with the SATA interface for connectivity and high-rate data transfer. The front panel of this drive is black, which gives a beautiful look to this drive.

The writing speed of this burner is up to 16X for BD-R and DVD-R disks, while it is significantly higher in the case of CD-R and is up to 40X. The reading speed of this burner is relatively slower, 12X for BD-ROM, 16X for DVD-ROM, and 40X for CD-ROM.

This burner also handles large-capacity disks. It can read-write a large-sized disk up to 128GB. M-Disk is also acceptable for this Blu-Ray Burner. A critical point here is that optical disks are used to store data for backup, but due to the chemical treatment of this media, it started to become damaged.

The projected lifetime of these M-Disks is over several hundred years. That’s why these can be used for data backups over a more extended period, and this burner can backup data on these M-Disks.

This high-end Blu-Ray burner is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10.

  • Beautiful Black Front.

  • Higher Blu-Ray recording speeds up to 16x.

  • BDXL supported.

  • 3D capable drive.

  • Windows all versions compatible.

  • Price is higher.

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8. Archgon Premium Aluminum Blu-Ray Writer Super Drive

Orange Juice Internal Blu-Ray player

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This super drive can read data from all types of optical disks, including CD-DVD and Blu-Ray, while it can also burn DVDs and CDs.

This drive supports Blu-Ray movie playback along with DVD and CD playback. So by using this single drive, you can enjoy your favorite film on any optical media.

Its player software must be pre-installed for playing back media from a Blu-Ray disk or any other. 3D is also supported by this drive if supported 3D equipment is installed on your machine, including 3D glasses and display cards.

As far as this drive’s specifications are concerned, this internal drive’s interface is standard-sized SATA with 22 pins. It can install in a 5.25-inch drive bay, which means replacing or upgrading the optical drive is very easy.

It is not the only player of Blu-Ray disks, but this drive can also write DVDs and CDs whenever required. Re-Writing of optical disks is also possible by using this drive.

The read speed of this drive for Blu-Ray disks, DVDs and CDs is 6x, 8x, and 24x, respectively, while the speed of data on DVDs and CD is 8x and 24x, respectively.

  • Standard size 22 pin SATA Interface.

  • Dual-layer DVD and CD can burn.

  • Blu-Ray movie playback support.

  • 3D supported with the required equipment.

  • Auto Driver installation.

  • 6x Blu-Ray reading speed.

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Disk Drives

Storage is a computer or laptop is consists of two parts; the first is a disk on which data is written and read, while the other is Disk Drive which is the part having read-write heads, rotational motors and other electrical and mechanical parts which are used to rotate the disk and read-write data on that disk.

If you have a disk on which data is present, but its drive is not available, then you cannot use that disk and cannot get data from that disk. These disk drives include Floppy Drive, Hard Disk Drives, CD Drive, ZIP Drive, etc.

Optical Disks and Drives

Optical disks are on which data is read and written using a laser beam. Similarly, optical disk drives used lenses to read and write data on these optical disks instead of read-write heads used in magnetic disk drives.

Blue-Ray is the latest technology in optical disks that can store massive data on a single disk. The size of stored data on a Blu-Ray disk is many times greater than on a DVD. A single, simple Blue-Ray disk can store up to 50GB of data, while a DV can store only up to 4GB of data.

The data storage capacity of the Ultra Blu-Ray disk is up to 100GB. In optical disks, drives can only be used for reading data stored on an optical disk. That drive is called ROM (Read-only Memory), like CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.

Super Optical Drives

These are special drives used in PCs and laptops and can Read and Write data on different optical disks. Using these super drives, users can read and write data on CD (Compact Disk) and read and write data on DVD (Digital Video Disk). Due to this ability, these drives are named super drives.

Types of Disk Drives

There are two types of disk drives which are:

  • Internal Drives
  • External Drives

Internal drives are fixed in the casing of a PC or Laptop, while the external drives are portable drives that are not set in the case of a PC or laptop but are get attached to these by using a USB cable whenever required and, after use, can remove from the machine.


Optical disks are often used for backing necessary and routine data, which is then retrieved from these disks using these drives. If your drive is not the best in quality, then that drive can become a headache for you to write the data for backup and later get that data back from these disks.

The same is true for playing your favorite movies or memorable moments burned on Blu-Ray disks. Keep in touch with me for the improvement of my work by commenting.

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