6 Best Cheap 144Hz Monitors In 2023

As we know, the monitor is the display unit of a computer that shows the output of processed data. For the monitor selection, different factors include size, shape, quality of the display, and the number of colors with color accuracy. The best cheap 144Hz monitors and all these essential features for selecting the best monitor with its refresh rate.

Top 8 Best Cheap 144Hz Monitors

Our list includes the best 144Hz monitors at a very cheap price. Let’s start reviewing it.

1. AOC CQ27G1

AOC CQ27G1 monitor

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Compared to flat-screen monitors, curved-screen monitors has more attraction for gamers due to the perfect view of every inch of the display screen.

AOC CQ27G1 is one of the best gaming monitors with a curved screen. An extra advantage of this curved monitor over others is its frameless screen. Due to this feature, the entire screen is available for display.

The display quality of this 27-inch monitor is QHD, with a maximum screen resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.

The screen refresh rate of this monitor is also according to the requirement of the gamer, which is as fast as 144Hz. The curving angle or curvature of this curved screen is 1800R. The response time of this screen is 1 ms (MPRT).

Adaptive Sync supported by this monitor is AMD FreeSync Premium which is also necessary for smooth and competitive gaming.

This syncing feature allows you to get stutter-free gaming without tearing off the screen. Another advantage of this monitor is the OSD menu, which is Graphical and user-friendly.

FlickerFree technology and the AOC LowBlue Mode of this monitor are enough for a smoother high-quality display with the protection of the user’s eyes. A variety of ports is also available on this monitor to connect peripheral display sources.

  • Immersive and high-quality QHD display.

  • The curved screen of 1800R curvature.

  • Ultra-narrow borders with 3-sided frameless.

  • Very responsive with 1ms response time (MPTR).

  • AMD FreeSync compatible monitor.

  • HDR is not supported.

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2. Viotek GN24CB

Viotek GN24CB monitor

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Viotek GN24CB is also part of our best monitors list with a higher refresh rate and cheaper price, mainly required by gamers. VA panel type of this monitor has added advantages and is also a moderate-quality panel.

This 24-inch monitor is best for Professional level gaming because the display quality of this monitor is QHD and is superior to others. The maximum screen resolution of this monitor is 1920×1080 pixels, which is no less than a blessing in this price range.

The screen refresh rate of this high-quality gaming monitor is not less and is 144Hz. Due to its higher quality, this monitor can be used with a PC and as a Console Gaming Monitor with Xbox. Viotek GN24CB can use as a PS4 monitor also.

Along with all other features, AMD FreeSync is supported by this monitor and improves the color quality of this monitor along with the sharpening of the display. You can use this monitor for FPS and RTS-type games.

Another feature of this monitor is multitasking which is possible through PBP and PIP. This monitor’s coverage of multiple color spaces is up to the maximum. The curved ARC shape screen is perfect for producing high color and brighter display with accuracy.

  • 27-inch monitor for professional gaming.

  • 1800R curved screen monitor.

  • High-resolution WQHD display.

  • Multitasking with PBP and PIP.

  • Built-in speakers.

  • Stand only can Tilt.

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ASUS VP249QGR monitor

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When the price is the primary constraint for selecting the best gaming monitor, ASUS VP249QGR is the final choice with advanced and desirable features at such a very low price.

The screen size of this monitor is 23.8 inches, but this size is also acceptable even for gaming because the quality of the display of this monitor is according to the required standard. The panel type of this monitor is IPS which is superior to all other panel types due to its perfect viewing angles.

A high-quality monitor with a panel also gives Full-HD image quality by having a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

For the accurate and perfect movement of objects, the refresh rate of this screen is 144Hz. Full HD display, in combination with a higher refresh rate, makes this monitor suitable for gaming.

This monitor’s display quality and other features are up to the mark. They include a lower response time of 1 ms along with the availability of Adaptive-Sync support to improve the quality of the display. This monitor supports AMD FreeSync.

For accurate movements, thanks to the Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology provided by Asus with this monitor. To cover the darker areas of the screen, Asus Shadow Boost Technology is ideally used and gives accurate results.

  • Very budget-friendly frameless monitor.

  • Full-HD display with 14Hz refresh rate.

  • Highly responsive with 1ms response time.

  • Perfect gaming with AMD FreeSync support.

  • Motion blur is extremely low.

  • Brightness compromising at some levels.

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4. Sceptre E255B-1658A

Sceptre E255B-1658A monitor

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E255B-1658A is a stunning and attractive monitor by Sceptre with an edgeless design. Users can use this monitor for smooth and fast videos and accurate movements for the best gaming experience.

During fast movements like racing games, this monitor’s display is not compromised because the base refresh rate of this monitor is 144Hz, which can be increased up to 165Hz.

This higher refresh rate is also an additional feature of this monitor than others, preventing blurring of the display. The response time of this monitor is significantly lower and is just 1 ms. Due to this, ghosting and blurring can stop.

This monitor also provides the game mode, which can be used as FPS (First Person Shooter) or RTS (Real-Time Strategy).

As a perfect gaming display and resource, Anti-Flicker technology is provided with this monitor, which not only gives smooth and perfect gaming but also protects the eyes of the user from strains in case of constant and more extended usage.

Connectivity ports are available among these for the connectivity of peripheral devices as a video source. DisplayPort is the most versatile connectivity option. Using this port, the display can transfer up to 45 ft in length using any standard cable.

  • Edgeless design High-performance monitor.

  • Faster refresh rate with the lowest response time.

  • Gaming mode with FPS or RTS.

  • HD display over the long length with a passive cable.

  • Dual HDMI port along with other options.

  • FreeSync range is lesser.

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5. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P monitor

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The name BenQ has tremendous creditability in the field of gaming monitors. There are many monitors which are very famous among gamers of high ranking. ZOWIE XL2411P is also one of these monitors, which are highly demanded by gamers due to its valuable features.

The size of this monitor is comparatively tiny. Still, this monitor’s display quality is Full-HD with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a higher screen refresh rate of 144Hz, giving smooth gaming performance without lagging or compromising quality.

The brightness level of this monitor is 350 nits while its contrast ratio is 1000:1, and the type of its contrast is DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio). TN type of this monitor’s panel is perfect and related to gaming due to a higher level of responsiveness.

For the blighting of dark areas of the screen, Black eQualizer technology is the part of this monitor that clearly shows everything hidden in the dark. The stand of this monitor has all the properties of ergonomics.

This stand can Pivot this monitor to 90o, and it can Swivel vertically towards the left and right; this monitor’s titling angle ranges from -5 to 20 degrees, and its height can be up to 30mm.

  • Cost-effective monitor with advanced features.

  • High-quality Full-HD display for gaming.

  • Minimum response time just 1ms (GTG).

  • Monitor with Black eQualizer technology.

  • Ideal viewing position with an ergonomic stand.

  • Adaptive-Sync not supported.

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6. MSI Optix MAG27CQ

MSI Optix MAG27CQ monitor

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MSI is a very famous name in the manufacturing of gaming equipment. Optix MAG27CQ is also the best gaming monitor from MSI.

As for the good name of the manufacturer, the qualities and features of this monitor are also good. The screen of this monitor is curved in the shape of the ARC. A curve screen is a better option than a flat panel display.

This monitor has an LED screen that is wide in dimensions. The quality of the display is Full-HD with a 2560×1440 pixels screen resolution.

To increase the quality of the display for the ultimate gaming experience, this monitor supports AMD FreeSync, which synchronizes the monitor’s performance with the computer’s graphics card.

The screen refresh rate of Optix MAG27CQ is 144Hz which is also faster and enough for high-level games. A screen of 27-inch size of this monitor has 1800R curvature. The response time of this monitor is also up to the mark and is as low as 1 ms.

For the eye care of the user, the screen of this monitor is coated with Anti-Glare coating, which reduces the screen reflection to protect the eye of the user.

The covering of different color spaces is also up to the maximum in this monitor. 110% coverage of sRGB color space and 85% NTSC color space is covered by this monitor.

  • Perfect gaming monitor with a curved screen.

  • Wider and maximum screen display.

  • A higher aspect ratio of 16:9.

  • On-screen customizations with Gaming OSD.

  • 178ox178o wide viewing angels.

  • Stand is not fully adjustable.

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What is the refresh rate of a monitor?

If we talk about the refresh rate, we find that it is the number of times the monitor screen gets updated with new images in a single second. In simple words, the screen refresh rate is the frequency of change of the monitor screen with the new image.

That’s why the measurement unit of a monitor’s refresh rate is also ‘Hz,’ which is the same as the frequency. The minimum screen refresh rate of a standard monitor is 60Hz it can be as higher as 240Hz also, and nowadays, even more than this.

Refresh Rate and Gaming monitors

The refresh rate of the display screen is essential for all types working on a computer. But it is much necessary and even compulsory for Gaming monitors. Because a higher refresh rate is must require for all gaming monitors to meet the faster-changing positions of game objects.

This is why the refresh rate becomes one of the primary considerations for selecting the best gaming monitor.

A refresh rate of 144Hz

144Hz refresh rate of the monitor means the screen of that monitor is updated with new images 144 times in one second, which is very high.

Computer games are of different types, and the requirements of all these types are added with which refresh rate also included. 144Hz refresh rate is the most adjustable refresh rate for all games in the range of available refresh rate monitors.


This was the list of the best monitors which have a 144Hz faster refresh rate and are best for gaming. Not only the higher refresh rate, but the price of these monitors is also very low and can easily adjust to all budgets of game lovers.

If you are also one of these computer game lovers, then one of these monitors is a must for you to fulfill your enjoyment. Your comments are my source of energy, so keep commenting.

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