Best 4k G Sync Monitors In 2023

A high-quality monitor is a requirement of all gamers and other ordinary people who primarily use their computers for general computational needs. The reason behind this is a comfortable display of information. A high-quality monitor is also necessary for all professionals who must use a computer most of the day. Because an appropriately sized and high-quality display monitor does not put extra pressure on the user’s eyes, this article compiles a list of the best 4k G Sync monitors.

Top 8 Best 4k G Sync Monitors

Following is the list of these monitors, which are higher in display quality up to 4k and must have NVIDIA G-Sync supported for better display features. Let’s start reviewing the best 4k G Sync monitors.

1. Acer Predator XB273K

Acer Predator XB273K monitor

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Predator is a famous series of gaming hardware manufactured by Acer. The Acer Predator brand is trendy among gamers due to the high-quality features of this hardware. XB273K is also a Predator series gaming monitor of Acer, which is higher in display quality and medium in size. A 27-inch monitor is easy to manage.

This monitor is a 4k display having millions of colors and pixels with a maximum screen resolution of 3840x2460p. The base refresh rate of this screen is 120Hz which can increase up to 144Hz by overclocking. The IPS display of this monitor is also equipped with Quantum Dot technology, in which human-created dots are used to emit light in reflection.

For a better and improved display, NVIDIA G-SYNC is supported by this monitor along with VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400. Both combine to make this monitor’s display sharper and brighter. Coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut is 90%, and the optimization of colors is also done with the help of Quantum Dot.

The color accuracy of this monitor is equal to Delta E<1 standard. Many ports of all types are on this monitor for the connectivity of peripheral video sources, including Display, HDMI, and USB 3.0 ports.

  • 27-inch widescreen monitor.

  • The high-quality IPS panel.

  • Ultra-HD screen resolution.

  • Faster refresh rate up to 144Hz.

  • HDR 400 VESA certified display.

  • Lower contrast ratio.

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2. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ monitor

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The Republic Of Games, or ROG, is another series of hardware manufactured by Asus and related to computer gaming. Swift PG27UQ is also a ROG series gaming monitor for the authentic gaming experience. It is also a 27-inch 4k gaming monitor, which is perfect for all games. The maximum screen resolution of this monitor is 3840×2160 pixels.

This monitor’s IPS display also has Quantum Dot technology and covers 97% of DCI-P3 professional color space, along with 99% of Adobe RGB color space. With a 144Hz refresh rate and 1000 nits brightness, this monitor can be the ultimate choice for a gamer.

For real lifelike contrast and vibrant colors, G-SYN, HDR, and Aura-Sync are supported by this monitor. An added feature of local dimming is also available on this monitor. The screen of this monitor is divided into 384 zones which can then control separately for controlling brightness and black color.

Moreover, for a flicker-free display with low BlueLight, eye care technology is used to decrease the eyestrains upon more extended usage. This monitor also includes HDMI, USB 3.0, and display ports.

  • High-quality 27-inch display.

  • Quantum Dot IPS panel.

  • Higher brightness of 1000 nits.

  • With 144Hz refresh rate gaming monitor.

  • With Asus Eye Care technology.

  • Higher price monitor.

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3. Acer Predator XB321HK

Acer Predator XB321HK monitor

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XB321HK is another high-performance gaming monitor of the Acer Predator series of gaming hardware. The size of this monitor is also larger and 32 inches. It is a 4k display gaming monitor at such a low price which seems for an FHD quality monitor, not for UHD.

The display quality of this monitor is WUHD, with a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The type of its panel is IPS, and the screen of this monitor is a widescreen for a large high-resolution display.

The screen’s brightness is 350 nits while the monitor’s response time is 4ms (Grey-To-Grey). The design of this display monitor is aluminum-based and has a matte finish. Its ZeroFrame bezels increase the value of this monitor.

Adaptive sync supported by this monitor is NVIDIA G-SYNC which eliminates the tearing of the screen and makes the display sharper. The aspect ratio of this screen is 16:9, a standard percentage, while the contrast ratio of this monitor is 1000:1.

It also covers the sRGB color gamut 100%. At the same time, its maximum horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178×178 degrees. For eye care, low Bluelight and flicker-less technology are also provided. Other than the general use of this monitor, a separate gaming mode is also available for perfect gaming use.

  • 4k gaming monitor of 32-inch size.

  • More screen area with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • Lower response time of 4ms (GTG).

  • With flicker less technology.

  • A higher number of USB 3.0 ports.

  • Built-in speakers quality is not good.

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4. Acer Nitro XV273K

Acer Nitro XV273K monitor

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Acer Nitro XV273K is relatively small, but its features and specifications are high. The size of this gaming monitor is 27-inch which is a little tiny. A monitor of moderate size is easy to manage and place in the room.

The display quality of this monitor is very high, and it is a 4k display with a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The panel of this monitor is wide and IPS type, which also supports Quantum Dot technology for brighter objects.

Moreover, the design of this monitor is also beautiful, having ZeroFrame bezels, due to which the maximum screen area becomes available for display.

For an improved and high-quality display, G-SYNC compatibility is available in this monitor along with DisplayHDR 4000. This kind of display is obvious, sharp, and brighter with the help of these technologies.

The screen refresh rate of this monitor is 144Hz, while the response time is just 1 ms. The color depth of this monitor is 10-bit, which makes its colors more realistic. Two speakers are also present in this monitor for built-in audio. Each speaker of these two is 4w. All known and famous connectors are given on this monitor to connect different video sources.

  • UHD widescreen display.

  • IPS zero frame panel.

  • Quantum Dot technology.

  • Higher screen refresh rate up to 144Hz.

  • Two speakers of 4Watts each are built-in.

  • Backlit is not up to the mark.

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5. Alienware AW5520QF

Alienware AW5520QF monitor

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Alienware AW5520QF is the largest-sized monitor on this list of the best 4k G-Sync monitors. 55-inch size is enormous and gives you an unmatchable display for gaming and all other different purposes. The distinction of this monitor among other monitors is that it is the world’s first OLED monitor, which is 55 inches in size.

To give a perfect display with accurate movements while playing your favorite game, 120Hz is the faster refresh rate of this monitor. 4k display with a faster refresh rate changes the position of an object on the screen within a single wink of the eye. The maximum screen resolution of this monitor is 3840×2160 pixels.

OLED (organic LED) monitors are those without any backlit and emit visible light. The colors of this monitor are true-to-life colors, and for higher contrast, “true black” is also achieved by this monitor.

G-Sync compatibility stops the tearing of pictures and improves the sharpness of these pictures. Due to low input latency, less time is required to process these changes occurring on screen.

The ionic design of this monitor is also legendary. Gamer-centric OSD is a unique and customizable on-screen display to improve performance. A variety of ports is also available to connect multiple peripheral devices.

  • 55-inch larger size gaming monitor.

  • OLED display without backlit.

  • Low input latency monitor.

  • 4k high-quality display with 120Hz refresh rate.

  • Ambient reflective lighting also present.

  • HDMI 2.1 is not available.

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6. LG UltraGear 38GL950G-B

LG UltraGear 38GL950G-B monitor

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UltraGear 38GL950G-B is a quality gaming monitor from the world-famous TV manufacturer LG. The design of this monitor is ergonomic and stylish, with an ultra-thin bezel on 3-sides.

The curved screen of this monitor is 38 inches in size and is a broader screen with a wide aspect ratio of 21:9. The 37.5-inch screen area is available for display, and the display quality of this monitor is QHD.

Due to its widescreen, it is termed WQHD. The screen resolution of this monitor is 3840×1600 pixels. This monitor’s IPS panel is perfect for accurately viewing angels from any side. The response time of this IPS panel is highly lower and is just 1 ms.

Other value-added features of this monitor include G-SYNC adaptive sync and Nano IPS display technology that covers 93% of DCI-P3 professional cinematic color space. For the maximum level of coloring, VESA-compatible DisplayHDR 400 is also part of this monitor.

G-Sync adaptive sync and DisplayHDR 400 are the best combinations for ultimate picture quality and an extreme level of coloring.

Sphere Lighting 2.0 is available to enhance the limits of indirect lighting to create an exact gaming environment. Along with lighting, other syncing modes are also available for sound and video.

  • 38-inch big sized monitor.

  • Perfectly Nano IPS display.

  • Highly responsive with 1ms response time.

  • Faster screen refresh up to 175Hz.

  • VESA certified HDR 400 display.

  • Without local dimming.

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7. Dell Alienware AW3420DW

Dell Alienware AW3420DW monitor

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A Curved monitor is much better in the display than a flat monitor because, due to the curving of the edge towards the inside, the concentration of the user becomes perfect on every area of the screen.

Alienware AW3420DW is a curved 4k monitor of Dell, which is large enough to show every pixel of the battlefield when playing high-end fighting games.

Not only fighting games but all types of other games can also play up to an extreme level of entertainment. The curvature of this monitor is 1900R, and a more wide display of a 21:9 aspect ratio.

The screen size of this monitor is 34-inch which is also arc-shaped. This panel type is IPS, and it is LED Edgelight which is also energy-efficient architecture. The screen resolution of this monitor is 3440×1440 pixels which is the WQHD quality of the display.

The refresh rate of this monitor is 120Hz, along with NVIDIA G-SYNC support for sharper images and vibrant colors.

Due to IPS Nano Color technology, the colors of this monitor are beyond the sRGB color space and included in the professional cinema colors, which are named DCI-P3. The proper response time of this monitor is 2ms (GTG). A display port, HDMI port, and USB 3.0 are available on this monitor to connect video sources.

  • Curved screen monitor with 1900R curvature.

  • Monitor with new IPS Nano Color technology.

  • The excellent covering of DCI-P3 cinematic colors.

  • Faster screen refresh at 120Hz speed.

  • Beautifully crafted stand.

  • No HDR color gamut supported.

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8. Acer ConceptD CP7271K

Acer ConceptD CP7271K monitor

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Acer ConceptD CP7271K is an excellent gaming monitor that is very rich in true-to-life colors, and its display is also very bright. The reason behind this extended brightness is VESA certified DisplayHDR 1000, due to which the brilliance of this monitor reaches up to 1000 nits.

The 4k display of this monitor is colorful because it covers DCI-P3 cinematic color up to 93% and Adobe RGB color space up to 99%. Tearing of pictures is also prevented because this monitor is NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate supported, which also adds high quality to this monitor’s display.

The panel type of this monitor is IPS, which is also higher in rating compared to other panel types. The display quality of this monitor is UHD, and the maximum screen resolution of this display is 3840x2160p. The screen of this monitor is a widescreen, and its refresh rate is 144Hz.

The response time of this gaming monitor is 4ms. The available range of connectivity ports is enough to connect multiple and different video sources.

These connectors include one display port and one HDMI port, while 4 USB 3.0 ports are given on this monitor. The stand of this monitor is also ergonomic, which can adjust the height of this monitor up to 180mm and allows tilting from -5o to 35o. 360o swivel is also possible by using this stand.

  • Perfectly 4k display of 27-inch monitor.

  • Higher brightness with HDR1000.

  • Accurate coloring equal to Delta E<1.

  • The refresh rate is equal to 144Hz.

  • 99% coverage of Adobe RGB color space.

  • USB Type-C is not provided.

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Basic components of computer display

There are mainly two essential components of any computer display system. These components are:

  • Graphics Card
  • Display Monitor

The graphic card is also called a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This hardware is installed on the motherboard of a computer system.

It can be in the form of an IC (Integrated Circuit) chip soldered on the motherboard of a computer or installed on an expansion slot of the motherboard in the form of a card.

This graphics card processes the graphical data and sends it to the output device, which, in most cases, it is TV-like hardware that also has a screen and is called a display Monitor.

What is adaptive Sync?

The processing performance of a graphics card is called “Frame Rate,” while for the case monitors; it is the monitor’s vertical refresh rate. Adaptive Sync is the synchronization of the graphics card and display monitor.

In other words, adaptive Sync is the dynamic adjustment of the monitor’s vertical refresh rate to the graphics card’s frame rate so that processed graphics data can be shown on the monitor screen at an accurate speed.

If this adjustment is not performed correctly, then due to the difference between these two devices working, the display of any computer system can be slow, jerky, and lagged.

Due to the above-stated reasons, adaptive sync support is required for a proper and smooth display of the computer system. Adaptive Sync was developed for the gaming industry and is used to eliminate the screen’s tearing, hesitating, and jerking for a perfect gaming experience.


Two very famous adaptive syncs are VESA adaptive sync and NVIDIA G-Sync. AMD support VESA adaptive sync with the name of FreeSync. On the other hand, G-Sync was developed by NVIDIA, which is a very famous and very specialized manufacturer of graphic cards.

To use G-Sync, it is required that this Sync must be present on both sides, including Graphics Card as well as a monitor also.


At the end of this article, after reviewing all these best gaming monitors with 4k quality displays and supporting G-SYNC adaptive sync, you must be able to clearly understand the difference between different screen resolutions and the effect of adaptive Sync.

In this list, monitors of various sizes are available for your final selection according to your requirement, required specifications, and, most important, price range.

You must go for one of these which is according to your needs. Your comments are a source of encouragement for me to improve my work which is just for you. So stay in touch and keep commenting.

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