6 Best 40 Inches 4k Monitors For Work 2023

A computer is a device used for almost all these purposes which can come into the mind of a human being. Nowadays, it is compulsory in nearly every part of life and all fields of work. Best 40 inches 4k monitors for work, Aside from the processing power of a computer.

The central part of the computer is a display monitor that is directly interacted with by the user and shows the result of work done on that computer. In other words, it is not wrong to say that monitor is the overall impact of any computer system on the user.

Best 40 Inches 4k Monitors For Work And Play

Now, look at the selected monitors, which are 40 inches in size and 4k in display quality.

1. Philips BDM4350UC

Philips BDM4350UC monitor

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Philips is a famous manufacturer of different electronic parts and is also a founder firm in the manufacture of Television sets. Similarly, the computer monitors Philips are also very renowned and high in quality. BDM4350UC is also the best monitor, which is a professional-class monitor.

This monitor can be used for routine work as well as for gaming also because the display quality of this monitor is Ultra-HD having a screen resolution of 3840x21060P, a 4k display. 43-inch size is enough for a detailed view of everything, including text, game, or video.

The panel type of this monitor is IPS which uses advanced technology and offers wider viewing angles of 178ox178o (HxV). This type of panel is specialized in sharp image quality and vibrant colors. Philips SmartUniformity mode is the reason behind the accurate brighter display without flaws.

This model uses the color metric for accurate colors. These latest display monitors Philips comes with UltraClear 4K screen resolution. With the help of Multiview Technology, up to 4 UDH displays can display on this wider screen.

Both PBP and PIP options are available for this multiview. High-bandwidth video sources are also part of this monitor, including a Display port, HDMI, and dual-link DVI ports.

  • High-quality IPS panel with real-life color.

  • Multi-view technology by using PBP-PIP.

  • Ultra-clear UHD 4k display.

  • VESA compatible wall mounting.

  • Two built-in stereo speakers of 7W.

  • Shadows of the backlight.

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2. LG 43UN700-B

LG 43UN700-B monitor

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LG 43UN700-B is an optimal display used for the best performance up to a professional level. The screen size of this ultimate choice monitor is 43 inches.

For the performance of an extreme level, the IPS panel is given in this monitor for Ultra-HD display quality. The maximum screen resolution of this monitor is 3840x2160P, a 4k display.

This perfect combination of larger screen size and the high-quality display is for universal type usage by every user for doing routine work or playing high-level games. This monitor is best for all games, including FPS and RTS.

You can enjoy more content on this single screen because this can be split into four parts, each for different display content from an additional source. For the extended level of display for games, HDR10 support is also available in this monitor, which gives vivid colors like true life colors.

For the connectivity of high-speed display devices, a USB Type-C port is also provided by LG on this display monitor. Along with this USB port, 4 HDMI ports are also on this monitor to connect peripheral video sources.

  • Higher quality UHD display.

  • IPS panel for a variety of viewing angels.

  • For accurate colors HDR10 supported.

  • Four multiple views by using PIP and PBP.

  • Premium quality built-in speakers.

  • No Adaptive Sync is supported.

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3. Dell P4317Q

Dell P4317Q monitor

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Dell is a market-competitive brand of computer devices and is famous for all types of equipment, including display monitors.

P4317Q is an attractive and rich-featured display monitor that delivers unique colors with extreme clarity. This 43-inch monitor produces a stunning UHD display of 4k using a 3840x2160P screen resolution.

The monitor’s panel is without bezels, and the maximum screen area is available for display. Along with gaming, the text display becomes razor-sharp when this monitor is used for general routine work. This is a scalar monitor, and the screen of this monitor is also matte.

Multitasking, also known as multi-view, is possible in this monitor, and the maximum number of simultaneous inputs can be up to four. All these can be displayed on a single screen of this monitor, split into four parts. Color and display have remained stable in wide viewing angles of 178o.

Due to this monitor’s matte screen, the screen’s reflection is low, which is comfortable for the eyes when required for long hours. Unlike traditional televisions, connectivity options on this monitor are business-class for multiple inputs from different peripheral devices.

  • Remote management by using RS232.

  • Monitor without bezel breaks.

  • 4 inputs by using a central display hub.

  • Brighter display of 350 nits.

  • 2H hard anti-glare coating.

  • Stand can only tilt.

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4. HP Black Pearl

HP Black Pearl monitor

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No one in the computer field does not know about HP because it is a famous company for manufacturing all types of computer hardware. HP black pearl is the final choice to experience sharp and colorful display quality. The readability of textual data is also very clear on this monitor.

The display size of this monitor is 43 inches, and the screen of this monitor is LCD in type having LED-backlit. This screen produces a display of Ultra-HD quality with a maximum screen resolution of 38940x2160P.

In simple words, it is also a 4k display for crisp images. The display of this monitor has the capability of more than 8 million pixels.

This can also be called a quad monitor because this single monitor is enough for four small-size monitors. Display from 4 different video sources can view on this screen simultaneously by splitting this screen into four parts and each part for each input source.

This function is done with the help of picture-by-picture capabilities. With traditional connectivity options, USB Type-C is also given on this monitor for high-speed connectivity.

  • Cost-effective high-quality gaming monitor.

  • USB Type-C port for peripheral connectivity.

  • Multitasking by using Picture-Before-Picture.

  • Wider viewing angels of 178ox178o (HxV).

  • Quadrant-Snap mode supported monitor.

  • Average refresh rate monitor.

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5. ViewSonic VX4380

ViewSonic VX4380 monitor

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ViewSonic monitors specialize in their designs because the company with a specific creativity and productivity point-of-view specially designs them. The same is the case with the ViewSonic VX4380 monitor, which has a narrow bezel.

The size of this monitor is also 43 inches, from which 42.5 inches is the viewable area as a display. This monitor’s IPS panel has a 4k display with a 3840x2160P screen resolution.

This monitor’s delivery of wide Viewing angles is perfect, and color accuracy is up to the mark with 10-bit color depth. To use this monitor for longer hours, flicker-free technology with a blue-light filter is also the part of this monitor that is sufficient for the comfort and protection of the user’s eyes.

This monitor can quickly hook up with laptops, PCs, and MACs with the help of HDMI 2.0, USB, and display ports. There needs to be more than this big screen to view everything and do everything from an angle on a single monitor.

This monitor can be used for simple office work like editing documents to professional work like graphic designing and video editing.

  • Classy IPS panel for stunning display.

  • Ultra-wide viewing angels.

  • 10-bit colors and HDR10 supported.

  • Unique multipicture functionality support.

  • Screen splitting by using ViewSplit software.

  • Response time is higher.

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6. Acer Predator CG437K

Acer Predator CG437K monitor

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Acer Predator is a famous line of gaming products, and the CG437K monitor is also part of this product line. Similar to others, the size of this monitor is also 43 inches, and it is also a 4k display.

The screen of this monitor is vast, having an Ultra-HD quality display. The screen resolution of this monitor is 3840x2160P.

The more important feature of this monitor is its compatibility with NVIDIA G-SYNC, which not only gives tear-free screening for ultimate gaming but also increases the quality of the display by increasing the sharpness of images.

The base screen refresh rate of Predator CG437K is 120Hz which is not lesser for high-performance gaming, but this can also increase by overclocking up to 144Hz, which is perfect for gaming.

The response time of this monitor is as lower as 1 ms (VRB). The brightness and contrast ratio of this monitor is VESA 1000 certified. This monitor’s display covers 90% DCI-P3 cinematic professional color space and no color difference with Delta E<1.

A light sensor is also part of this monitor, while two speakers are built-in, each 10W. Various connectivity ports are available, including Display ports, HDMI, USB 3.0, and 2.0 ports.

  • Large size high-resolution monitor.

  • Sharp images with NVIDIA G-SYNC.

  • True life colors with DisplayHDR 1000.

  • USB Type-C high-speed connectivity port.

  • Extended number of HDMI ports.

  • Nintendo switch not supported by USB-C.

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Usage of computer

The computer is used for working as well as entertainment also. Upon completing a heavy task, a user uses their computer for entertainment after long sessions of hectic work. Users become relaxed after listening to their favorite music, watching movies or funny clips, or playing a favorite computer game.

It means the computer is not only for working but also for watching movies or playing games. Due to this reason, selecting the best monitor is essential, which can be used for all these purposes.

Impact of large-size monitor

Whatever the use of the monitor, either working or playing, a large size with the highest display quality significantly impacts both.

With the large size, in the case of gaming, every object becomes large and easily viewable with full details, while in the case of routine work, the text has become very large and clear.

On the other hand, if the size of the monitor is small, then all these also become small and do not remain clear in invisibility. Some overlapping can also occur on a small-sized monitor.

High-quality display

Similarly, if the monitor size is big, but the display is a blur or not sharp, then the large size of the monitor is just a waste of money. On a big-size monitor, higher quality and sharp images are compulsory; otherwise, everything becomes blurred and unclear.

That’s why our selection includes the best 40 inches 4k monitors for work and play, which is a perfect match for all types of work, including routine work and entertainment.


After reviewing all these selected monitors, you can decide what can satisfy your desire for entertainment up to the exact level. These monitors are perfect for all aspects of general work and entertainment, including game playing or watching your favorite movie.

The price level of all these monitors is also acceptable according to their features. You can quickly get any of these which is best for you according to your requirements. Keep commenting and stay connected.

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