Asus Zenbook Vs Vivobook [Comparison 2023]

Asus Zenbook vs Vivobook, Both are two world-famous series of laptops manufactured by Asus. Each of these series has several laptops which are different in configuration and are according to the different needs of different users. These two series are specific in the tasks a user can perform using these machines.

Asus Zenbook

Asus Zenbook is a very popular machine for professionals related to graphics designing, video editing, 3D animation, or high-level programming. The name of all these fields is self-explanatory about the performance of these machines because all these works are not possible on basic or beginner-level laptops. The following are the different laptop models of Asus Zenbook.

  • Zenbook Pro
  • Zenbook S
  • Zenbook Classic

Asus Vivobook

If you do not belong to the fields mentioned above of professionals, then become assured that Vivobook can be your ultimate choice when selecting the best laptop for your routine work. If you are new to the computer or a student who needs a great laptop for your studies, then you can select one among the many laptops of this Vivo series. Moreover, laptops of this series are very budgetary, which can be fit even in your low budget.

  • VivoBook Pro
  • VivoBook S
  • VivoBook Classic


The design of the Zenbook series laptops is flawless. As the processing power of this series, its design is also remarkable and attractive. The casing of these laptops is made of aluminum, and the different colors of their body make these laptops of this series more adoptable.

The outer cover of the screen is shiny and polished. Many laptops of this series have ergonomic hinges which lift the screen a little up, give a comfortable typing position, and better heat exhaustion.

Similarly, as far as the design of Vivobook is concerned, it is also loaded with all trades present in Zenbook. It means both have the same level of attraction in design and body style.

Processing and Storage

This is an area that differs from both series each other. First of all, look at the CPU of machines of these series. Most laptops that belong to the Zenbook series are equipped with Intel Core-i7 CPUs, mostly the 8th generation of Intel processors. Even a few models of this series also had the Intel Core-i9 processor of the 8th generation.

It does not mean that Asus only support Intel processors. For AMD lovers, Ryzen 7 CPUs are also used in many laptops of this series. Intel M Processor is also provided in a few models of this series. This clearly shows that in the Zenbook series of Asus, high-end laptops are specially designed for professionals of different fields.

Asus Vivobook is just a little behind in hardware configuration than Zenbook. Because it is a general-use laptop, it is equipped with the latest hardware for any purpose, including games. That’s why laptops of this series are loaded with Intel Core-i7 CPUs.

Some models of Vivobook have AMD A9 processors to fulfill the processing needs of these laptops. Not only these processors, but you can also find some laptops having Intel Pentium processors in this series.

For backing up a fast-speed CPU, perfect-speed RAM is also mandatory to make the system fully smooth. In all mainstream laptops of the Zenbook series, 16GB RAM is the part of these laptops fully compatible with the fastest CPU. It does not mean that only 16GB RAM is present in these laptops as a standard specification; 8 GB RAM is also available.

To make the whole combination ultrafast and fully supported, faster storage is also available on these laptops. High-speed SSDs of PCIe and NVMe architecture are part of these laptops, which are non-mechanical and are many times faster than traditional mechanical storage.

In the Vivobook series, there are also many laptops which are having 16GB RAM to fully support their faster processors. The type of these RAMs is also the latest, while fewer RAM laptops are also easily available in this series.

Storage in the laptops of this series is mostly combo, consisting of two types of storage: faster SSD-in small size and standard Hard Drive-in large size up to 2TB. This approach very helps the fuel to keep these laptops lower in price.

GPU and Screen

First, we discuss the screen types of the Zenbook series. The size of the screen in the laptops of the Zenbook series ranges from a big-sized 15.6-inch screen to 12.5 inches smallest screen. Asus Zenbook 3 UX390UA is the laptop of this series which has 12.5 inches screen.

The screen of these laptops are available both in simple and touch screen form because a range of convertible and flipped laptop screen lids are also available for different types of working. The majority of these screens are Full HD.

If your desire or require a 4K display on the laptops of this series, then it is also easy to find these laptops in this Zenbook series. Many different models of dedicated graphics cards are installed on these different laptops, which include NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti, MX250, and MX150. The reason behind the usage of these dedicated GPUs is simple these laptops are high-end machines designed for professionals.

On the other hand, in the Vivobook series of Asus, the screen size is ranged from 17.3 inches to 11.6 inches. Asus Vivobook Flip 12 TP203NA has 11.6 inches screen. Most of this series laptops come with a standard screen size of 14 inches, but at the same time, all other screen sizes are also provided on the laptops of this series.

These laptops can also be used for playing casual or other general-type games; for this reason, some dedicated GPUs are also used in the laptops of this series, along with integrated GPUs. Mostly NVIDIA Geforce MX250 or MX150 GPUs are part of these laptops, while Intel UHD Graphics 620 integrated GPUs are also available in these machines.

Other hardware

In the Zenbook series, all types of USB ports are available, along with USB C-Type ports for high-speed data transfer and 4K display on external monitors. High-speed WiFi and Bluetooth are also present for wireless connectivity. The same is the condition in the machines of the Vivobook series.

Final Words

As it is very clear from this article that Zenbook series laptops are especially for professionals who need high speed and perfection but no budget limitation.

On the other side, the Vivobook series laptops are designed so that every user can get any of these laptops exactly matched with the requirement of user work when the budget is the make constraint in decision making. Keep commenting for my encouragement and betterment.

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